January Round Up (2015)


Here is another of my round up posts, featuring items I have recently been sent to review.

I made myself a new years resolution to cook a roast dinner most Sundays, at least during the winter months, and so far since Christmas I have done so every weekend. I always cook my beef joint in my slow cooker, but as much as a chicken in the slow cooker makes for succulent meat I do prefer the flavour of a roasted chicken.

It is even nicer roasting a bird in a decent piece of cookware, and this Judge Non Stick Roast & V Rack is perfect for roasting my meat in. Made from heavy carbon steel, and coated with a non stick coating,  this tin allows for even heat distribution. The roaster comes with a roasting rack which has been designed into a V to allow fat to drain away from the meat, which means a healthier and less greasy joint. This roasting tray is non-stick and dishwasher safe, and it is heavy and robust and ooozes quality. I LOVE it and have used it lots, even for roasting my vegetables in too!


Pressels are a pretzel…..but not just a pretzel!!! I agreed to review them, but I have to be honest I was not sure what I would be receiving, as I had not heard of these new pretzel inspired snacks until I was asked to try them myself. It turns out they are mini pretzels – well pressed pretzels to be exact – and they are bite size and crispy and really delicious.


They come in 3 varieties : 

  • Original – bursting with crispiness and coated with sea salt granules
  • Sesame – coated with the finest sesame seeds from Gujarat in India
  • Everything – New York deli snack Pressels – coated in garlic, black caraway, sesame and onion

And they best thing is, they have less than 80% fat than a normal potato crisp, and they don’t contain additives  (including MSG, trans fats), plus they contain no colours, artificial flavours and preservatives, or GMOs.

Pressels are lovely eaten as they are straight from the packet, or I like dipping the orignal ones in chocolate spread, and adding cream cheese and cusumber to the everything ones – mmmmm!

 Pressels are available in Waitrose now. 


I was sent the items featured in this post for the purpose of a review.All comments made are my own and honest.

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