Eye and Spoon Race For Halloween

We have been so lucky with the weather this half term, asides from a little rain it has been quite mild really and we probably should have made more if it by getting out more than we did. However, on the days we did get out we did not need coats because it really has been quite warm! I mentioned in my Orange and Pumpkin Cake recipe yesterday, that we were sent a fun Halloween Pack from Flora and among the activities we could choose from was an eye and spoon race. Basically, an egg and spoon race but with eye balls instead of eggs – not real eyes of course but some homemade ones.

To make an eye and spoon race for Halloween you will need:
large spoons – we used table spoons
balls – we used plastic soft play balls
white paper
felt tip pens
cones, cauldrons and pumpkins to make the race route

Wrap each ball with the paper, crumple it to fit around the ball and cut off the excess paper and then stick the ends with sellotape
using the felt tip pens , draw your eye balls (see below) on to the front

Set up a race course in your garden and we included the pumpkins we carved to add a Halloween touch




Have a practice of the route and wear witches hats or some Halloween fancy dress if you wish








On your marks

get set


It did make me laugh watching all three of them go around the little route I made and trying hard not to drop the eye balls

Each eye and spoon race entrant won a chocolate eye ball



This was a really fun activity and we played it a few times and even Daddy enjoyed himself!

I was sent some items from Flora which we used to make and play this activity

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. I love this and I’m so copying the idea to add to my Halloween games next year. Pinning the idea right away. Great fun. thanks for the idea and for sharing on Country Kids

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