The Philips Speedcare Steam Iron (a review)

Regular readers, family and friends will know that  I do not hold back when I talk of my feelings on ironing!  I hate it and it is a chore that I do not participate in. I really do not understand people who iron unnecessary items either like bed sheets, pants and hankerchiefs – I mean who really has the time or the inclination? Not me. I did not even own an iron during my 20’s as I did not have to wear a shirt to work and was able to wear tops that could be worn straight from the washing line or tumble dryer (form a laundrette as I did not have my own back then). Then I moved in with my current boyfriend and for many years he needed to wear a shirt for work and so being the rubbish dutiful girilfriend I offered to iron them for him, using an iron that his Mum bought us as a house warming gift.

However, I must be the only person in the world who can iron a shirt and it ends up looking like I haven’t by the time I have finished. My OH was quick to point is out to me , and as a result I refused to ever iron for him again and so I have stayed true to my resolution to this very day.

Now you may wonder why I am telling you this. Well, the funniest thing has happend to this iron hating woman, I have been asked to review…….yes, you have guessed it an iron! When I was first approached I almost turned the offer down, but then I thought that a review carried out by someone who finds ironing so laborious as I would be a very honest one, and so I agreed!!

The Philips Speedcare steam iron is like some kind of power iron! It just goes to show that irons have come a long way in the years that I did not own one.  It really does look quite impressive, so sleek and streamline and well I have to admit I was a little impressed upon taking it out of its box, purely on its looks!  Oh and Jenson was happy to see it  because it is purple – his favourite colour!


So, according to the blurb in the manual, the Philips Speedcare steam iron enables ironing to be 2 x faster than the average iron and  with its 2 x more steam too, this nifty iron has been designed to speed up your ironing. Now *this* is music to my ears  as I am sure it is to most regualr iron users – less time having to iron now that has to be a plus point.

 The iron has a 1.2L capacity water tank which allows you to iron for over an hour *shudders at the thought of spending an hour having to iron* , and pouring the water into the base was easy enough as the hole in which the water is poured through was big and therefore, unlike with previous irons which had a tiny hole, no water was spilt.

IMG_1358 (5)

The iron has an on/off switch on the base, and then you need to select which setting you want depending on what material the piece of cothing you are ironing is made from

IMG_1359 (5)
IMG_1360 (4)

I decided to iron some of Burton’s school polo shirts – poor boy he has almost finished his reception year at school wearing slightly crinkled shirts, and now for his final week before the summer holidays, he gets crease free tops to wear!

IMG_1367 (3)
IMG_1365 (2)

I guess I spent about 5 minutes ironing this top, I have no idea if that is the average time people would spend but I wanted to get it as wrinkle free a possible, so that it would be easy to see that it had actually been ironed.  And I think it does – I think I actually did it , I managed to iron something which looked  as if it had been near an iron!  Wooo hooo!

IMG_1366 (4)

Another really great feature of this iron is the safety lock which keeps the iron securely in its base
IMG_1370 (3)

This allows the iron to be carried around easily, for when it needs to be packed away, and being so compact in size and lightweight it makes for easier storage.

IMG_1371 (3)

Also, more importantly, the safety lock system can prevent children from pulling the handle from the base and hurting themselves. Perfect for when you have a 3 year old boy and his monkey playing nearby and coming up to the iron and asking lots of questions about it, and trying to touch it!

Finally, this iron comes with a Calc Clean system which features a sound light calc clean reminder on the top of the iron

IMG_1361 (6)
IMG_1373 (2)

Cleaning it could not be easier either. You simply, fill the tank halfway with water, turn the dial on the iron to calc clean, place the iron in the cleaning tray and press the cal clean button for 2 seconds, and after 2 moinutes the iron base has been cleaned! The Ceramic soleplate is scratch-resistant, and glides so well and definately makes ironing easy, even for a iron hater like myself.

All joking aside, and pushing all of my iron hang ups aside too, it pains me to have to admit that this Philips Speedcare steam iron does make ironing a little – ok much – better and I won’t say I enjoyed ironing, BUT using such a clever and modern iron did make it more enjoyable than my previous ironing experiences. It was very easy to use and so smooth on the clothes,  and seeing such a difference before and after did make me feel ……well pleased with myself!

Soooooo, do I still hate ironing?

Did I like using the Philips Speedcare Steam iron?

Will it make me iron more?
……maybe! But only essential items, I am not that easily swayed by an iron!

** The Philips Speedcare Steam Iron is available to buy exclusively from Ideal World TV for £99.99 and will be launched on their site this Saturday**

I was sent an iron for the purpose of a review. All comments made about it are honest and my own.

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9 thoughts on “The Philips Speedcare Steam Iron (a review)

  1. Ooo iron buddy! I have the Phillips Perfectcare iron, very similar and I love it to bits. I like ironing anyway (I know, I’m odd) but it makes it SO easy. A good steam generator iron is essential in any home – and the only people who don’t believe that are those who haven’t got one themselves!
    As you can tell, I like it 😉

    1. oooh i have an iron buddy I am very excited about this 🙂
      i have to say that the iron was really good and so much better than ones I have used in my dim and distant past
      thanks for popping by x

    2. She totally is an ironing freak, I can vouch for that having watched her in action at mine. And what do you mean, you don’t iron sheets?! There is nothing better than sliding under a fresh, crisp, clean duvet!

  2. A very funky looking iron… I hate ironing! I only iron if my mum comes over, which fortunately for me is every 4-5 months! 🙂 Anything that could make my life a lot easier I am most definitely there!!

  3. If it would move by itself now, fold my clothes and sort them into the wardrobe, this would be the perfect gadget for me, but I hate ironing and try to avoid it whenever possible…

  4. I am afraid Jen grew up with a Mum who avoided ironing at all costs! And still does, so it’s no wonder she turned out to hate ironing and not knowing how to iron shirts! However I agree, with right tools any job is made more worthy and this sounds ideal.

  5. OMG I want to be your ironing buddy! We are a family of 6 AND only iron essentials (school/work wear and posh dresses) and that takes HOURS each week. And the cleaning function – oh my – my husband would absolutely love that (oh yes I can’t be your ironing buddy as I just watch him do it). Great review.

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