The Adventures of Jenson and Monkey #2

With all the wet weather we had yesterday, as soon as I saw the blue sky and sunshine on the school run this morning, I knew that had to take Jenson out to enjoy it while it lasts. We visited the park to enjoy the colours of Autumn, to feel the warm sunshine on our faces and to squelch in the muddy grass and splash in the puddles left by all the rain we have had the last few days. I took Jenson’s scooter with us too as I knew he would enjoy whizzing along with monkey in tow in his new special scooter bag, and of course being at the park a trip to the playground was inevitable.monkeynag14monkeybag11monkeybag12monkeybag15monkeybag5mopnkeybag6monkeybag3monkeybag1monkeybagmonkeybag4Having a monkey for a best friend, means that Jenson wants to do monkey like things and so whenever he sees a tree he wants to climb up it so “I can be a monkey too”. I managed to get him astride one branch which made him very happy, although I would not let go of him much to his dismay crash helmet on his head or no crash helmet on his head! We also enjoyed playing hide and seek and looking at the different shaped and coloured leaves and as always brought some home with us in the buggy!monkeybag8IMG_1041 (2)monkeybag9monkeybag13What better way to spend a morning in the Autumn sun and work up an appetite for lunch?

You may have noticed that Monkey travelled in style on Jenson’s scooter today. The little camouflage bag Jenson and monkey are modelling is made by Poplico ,Β and has been designed especially for little ones to hang on their scooter to enable them to carry their essential items such as a snack, a book, a drink or a monkey! Or even some of nature’s treasures like leaves ans sticks! These mini bags for scooters are machine washable which is a good thing, as Jenson fell with the scooter onto the wet muddy grass once or twice and it did save monkey from getting dirty! Its a handy bag to have around and the great thing is that the straps are interchangeable and can make the bag go from a hanging scooter bag, to a tote/shoulder bag due to velcro used inside the bag and on the end of the strap, which makes it easy for little hands to manage.monkeybag2These bags could make a lovely gift for your little scooter owner and I would think the bags would fit over the handle bars of a bike or maybe dolly’s buggy too.

Disclaimer: I was sent a mini scooter bag to review. All comments made about it are my own and honest.

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  1. Oooh I could eat him all up!

    Monkey looks very happy in his new bag too, i could do with one of these for Ruby’s scooter so I don’t have to carry all her stuff to school and trail along behind her while she zips off!

  2. What a great idea that bag is – especially with children taking scooters to school means mom (or dad or gran) wont have to carry so much.

    Am loving seeing Jenson’s journey with his monkey now Burton is at school.

    1. it is a good idea and i love that it can be made into a shoulder bag too
      and thank you – i have a few more adventures lined up of my boy and his bestie monkey friend xx

  3. Such gorgeous pictures Jenny and i agree the bag is perfect for little scooter fiends – might have to get one as a Christmas pressie πŸ™‚ x

  4. I love how much Monkey has to go around with him everywhere, he really feels he’s an individual as well doesn’t he? Brilliant to see him growing in confidence.

  5. What a great idea the scooter bag is!
    Love the photos of Jenson’s adventure with Monkey – especially seeing Monkey join him at the playground πŸ™‚ The photos in the trees are beautiful. #CountryKids

  6. What a lot of fun Jenson and Monkey had, the bag is ideal for carrying his best friend around. It was a lovely sunny autumn day and the photos show some great photos of Jenson against the glory of autumn colours. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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