Yeo Valley & National Trust 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 3/4 (Flashback Friday)

I have been lucky enough to visit Yeo Valley a couple of times now, and last Tuesday myself and some other bloggers were invited along to have some Autumn outdoor fun at their Organic Tea rooms & Gardens along with people from the National Trust.milkshakesFor 12 weeks starting from the 14th October Yeo Valley yogurts will feature a special promotion where you can win a break at a National Trust cottage and one of 250 family day passes for entry to National Trust properties. yvalleyNTpacksFor our bloggers day we were invited to participate in some 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 3/4 activities.yvalleymyshadowAs regular visitors to my blog will know, I am a big supporter and believer of spending time outdoors in the fresh air come rain or shine, and throughout my time linking up to Country Kids I have featured many posts showing some of the 50 Things my boys have already attempted (click on the badge in my side bar to see what we have done so far).

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to try our hand at 6 of the 50 Things and we managed all but one, which was #25 Make A Grass Trumpet – Burton and Jenson tried but no sound was made! In completing the other activities we also managed to tick off #45 Find your way with a map and compass. On top of these NT based activities, all the children went on a pumpkin hunt which I have to admit I found just as enjoyable as they did.YvalleyBtallgrassyvalleybailyvalleycoloursyvalleyflooryvalleylookPumpkinhunt2 Collagepumpkinhunt Collageden Collagecatchafallingleaf Collageyvalleykitebugs CollageyvalleylookingatpumpkinsCollageyvalleypumpkinaramayvalleymagnumyvalleycostabasinsyvalleylunchAfter a delicious lunch featuring a recipe from the Yeo Valley Cookbook, the children were invited to decorate the pumpkins they had found in the morning and plant cress seeds inside so we can have some cress head hair sprouting soon. Then they were alloweed to make some wild art using all the resources that nature and autumn has to offer like tree bark, berries, moss, soil, leaves and sticks. It was great fun!yvalleypumpkinart CollageyvalleywildartWe enjoyed a wonderful day with plenty of sunshine too, which was amazing considering the awful stormy weather of the day before. The whole day was held in such beautiful surroundings too and the tea rooms are full of soooooo many lovely and pretty things that I wish were in my home!teacupsSo why not buy some yummy Yeo Valley yogurt to support British farmers and a British company and you could just win a National Trust prize.myyogurtAnd don’t forget to get your kids involved with the 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 3/4 – it is a great way to get out doors and have some good old fashioned family fun!!

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Disclaimer: I was invited to Yeo Valley for the day and my mileage expenses were compensated for. It is my choice to write about our day, which is no chore because we always have a great time when we are there!

13 thoughts on “Yeo Valley & National Trust 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 3/4 (Flashback Friday)”

  • That looks like such a good day! I really like the idea of a pumpkin hunt and I love the pictures of your boys trying to catch a falling leaf. We are hoping to try and do some of the 50 things with Lucas next year to encourage us to keep getting outdoors as much as we can. And the cup lights…amazing! Glad you had fun xx

  • You captured the day perfectly with your pics and you got close to the yogurt pyramid! (I was worried it would fall!) Love the pumpkin faces you found all around and the personalised yogurt I am a little envious of – still awaiting for the postman on that one 😉

  • Looks great and glad you enjoyed the pumpkin hunt – we did one on the tractor it was great fun. You all did great jobs of decorating the pumpkins. And how cool is your name on yoghurt!

    Thanks for hosting.

  • Oh, what a great day! Your photos are wonderful, you can see how much they enjoyed it 🙂 Must start looking at the 50 things list properly with my lot… The pumpkins are brilliant, really made me smile 🙂 And, I also love that light! #CountryKids

  • Wow what a cool day out. Love the yoghurt. I’ve been thinking about joining in with this 50 things for a while now as we are always outside too. Fantastic pumpkins too xx

  • What a fun filled day you all had in such beautiful surroundings, and the sun was shining! You have some lovely photos of the fun activities that were organised which helped in ticking off yet more from the 50 things list. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  • Wow!! I am absolutely going to buy some as I really want to go, looks so much fun and so pretty too.
    Love the big cheerful faced rock thing 😉 xx

  • It was, as always, lovely to see you and your beautiful boys. Also thanks so much for the comment you left on my YV post, it was really touching, always boosts me when people say nice things about my little pixies.

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