1. Awwwww this is so sweet. He does look really handsome in this, he looks smart with his clean (how on earth is it so clean?!!?!) white top on too.

    Really lovely words too Jenny xx

    • thank you Lauren. To be fair his clothes are normally filthy when i pick him up so i dont know why it looks so clean – ah maybe he removed his messy jumper before he left class x

  2. Kimberly

    Ahh the most handsome and adorable Burton Tucker, what a fabulous picture Jen, you have really caught him in quite an angelic shot. I love what you have said and agree wholeheartedly with you, he is full of love and life. Love him. Kxxx

  3. Gorgeous photo & lovely post, I think it’s brilliant that he climbs up the trees outside school! Hope you’ll add this one to the latest Outdoor Play a Party as it’s just so perfect for it. xxx

  4. Such a lovely post. Its amazing how inspired and in love a picture can make u. It can make ur heart burst viewing it even though u were there witnessing the adventure. Such a beaut lil boy u have. X

  5. What gorgeous words Jenny, and Burton looks so unbelievably cute and handsome in this photo. And my Mum always used to say to me do your best. And that is so true. Some how this photo makes him look younger. Time does need to slow down. x

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