1. Love the pirate costumes & that cake looked amazing. Look at all that water, we haven’t had much rain yet & no puddle jumping either (although raining now so maybe tomorrow) xx

  2. You can neve have too many sploshing photos (or splosh in the puddles to begin with, as it happens). Great series of pics

  3. Love your black and white pirates shot this week Jenny. Some great shots of Jenson getting out to play despite all the rain too. Well done Burton on his certificate.

  4. well done on the certificate, they are always so chuffed arent they! my fav pic is the bottom one on the red spinning thing! Sorry not sure of the right name!! lol. x

  5. well done on the certificate Burton, a great boost to the school career. Love the puddle jumping complete with splashes, no wonder he was wet, but thats what puddles are for. I dont do roundabouts, I get dizzy just watching them.

  6. Nothing can beat getting soaked in a puddle splash ( as long as it is intentional)!
    Clever Burton! They can never remember what they did at school. Still the same in year 4!

  7. I love the pirate picture, they both looks so good. It sounds like you and Jenson keep busy even now it is just the two of you and how lovely it must be to go into Burton’s school and see how he is getting on x

  8. They had some good bargains in the Sainsbury toy sale. I got a balance bike and JCB trucks for Ashley!
    I think all children love puddles but it’s us that have to get them dry!!
    I can imagine the boys shouting ‘faster, faster’ on that roundabout!

  9. They look fabulous as pirates!!
    And well done on the certificate! Really does make you feel proud doesn’t it.

    Jenson looks like he’s having so much fun with the puddles!

  10. I love that the boys have been out splashing in wellies so much, I have been rubbish this week with The Boy and need to get out more! I love Jenson’s painting too.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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