1. You collected so many! Our trees have all been raided but I have one spot left to try that is usually left alone. Such cute videos, I’m sure Jenson will get the hang of it for next year. I heard that if you put them on the windowsills they keep spiders out but it doesn’t really work, as much as I wish it would! I still love to collect them even if we have nothing to do with them xx

  2. Aww bless Jenson having a go too. I did think Burton was going to get a conk in the head though lol. So many conkers. We’ve not had very many yet! x

  3. Oh BLESS him! I wanted to eat his little cheeks up with the seriousness of trying to hit the conker Burton was holding. Conkers are such a magical thing, I agree. How amazing that they get to see something that no-one else has before.

    Thanks for hosting and off to check out the others now.

  4. Oh your boys are so lucky. We have no conkers around here at all. If we do then they are doing a grand job at hiding!
    I thought Burton was going to get a conker around the head too 🙂 They are so cute xx

  5. Love the little videos, Jenson was so funny. Thought he was going to take o robes eye out hee hee. Very sweet. Our girls have about 20 but 130 that’s amazing! Xx

  6. I used to love collecting conkers and just haven’t thought about doing it with Mushroom… Not sure where to find them round here but will make this my next mission I think! Great images – so many shiny conkers!

  7. Wow look at all those conkers! We only found one very small conker still in it’s case. Playing conkers is one of my favourite memories as a child and putting them in vinegar to toughen them up.

  8. Kimberly

    Jen, those videos are wonderful, bless the gorgeous Jenson, I simply adore him. I know you were encouraging the boys to grow sunflowers – I dont know how they worked out, but you could get the boys to plant a conker each in a pot and wait to see if a chestnut tree grows, you may need to be a bit patient – it may take a year for it to sprout. You probably wouldnt want to plant them at your place, but Grandma has some land where the boys could plant them, once they are established. Then, when their own children are similar ages to them now, they can go to Great Grandma’s and pick/find their own home grown conkers! Lifetime supply 🙂 Love Kxxx

  9. What an impressive amount you all collected! They are fun though – and as the boys found out have so many uses. Thanks for linking up your lovely photos and videos and sharing with Country Kids.

  10. I have never heard of conkers. It sure looks like your boys had fun finding them and playing with them. I stopped over from the Country Kids linky.

  11. What a lovely autumn activity. You did do well collecting so many, they are very shiny. I bet if you pop over to RedTedArt there will be some crafty conker inspiration. What have you done with them since? Don’t think my boys have played so feeling inspired.

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