Burton’s 1st Month At School (Flashback Friday)

So can you believe it, because I cannot, Burton has just completed his first month at school! I have heard other Mums tell me in the past that once your children starts school time passes by even faster than it did before, and I have to be inclined to agree! I also find that having dropped Burton off at school, the time Jenson and I have before we need to go back and collect him 6 hours later just flies by too!!IMG_1457 (1)Burton is really enjoying school. During the first week he did seem surprised that the next day he had to return, and at the end of the first Tuesday he actually told his teacher that the next day he would not be attending school because he would be going to the soft play (our usual Wednesday play date place) with mummy and Jenson instead! However, now he seems to understand that he, like his daddy who works, has to go to school Monday – Friday and then gets his two days off at the weekend. I am wondering if the half term break at the end of the month might put him off wanting to go back to school? I guess I will have to wait and see.IMG_1460 (1)He had to perform with the rest of his class last Monday at the schools Harvest Festival in the village church. I offered to help escort the class on the short walk to the church so I was able to watch the service and hear Burton sing “Big Red Combine Harvester”. Despite him happily singing it at full pelt complete with all the actions for friends and family, when it came to it he went all shy and actually looked like he might burst into tears at any minute!IMG_1459 (1)Since his first day Burton has had homework in the form of two library books and a ‘white’ book which contained no words only pictures, aimed at getting him to describe what he thought was happening in the story by what he could see. Two weeks later he moved onto a ‘pink’ book which contains a few key sentences describing the action in the book. Alongside this, he has been given a set of letter cards to allow him to practise his phonics and learn about blending and segmenting. He must be doing well because two weeks in and he has been given a writing book to practise writing those letters and some two letter words, and another book to practise writing three letter words.IMG_1466 (2)Also, he had a project to complete within the first 3 weeks entitled Home Sweet Home as this is the theme that his class is all about during this first term. He enjoyed drawing pictures for it (see below) and cutting out and sticking pictures in it too – infact since he started school he has not stopped drawing pictures for me!!IMG_1465I do try to make sure he does at least half an hour of ‘homework’ when we get in from school before tea, and will try not to do any at the weekend (apart fom the project which we had to in order to complete it on time) because I think that is family time. Time to play and have fun and not worry about his schooling.IMG_1467 (1) I think it is paying off as his reading is coming along in leaps and bounds which is amazing to see before my eyes and hear with my ears! His class have had some work put on display in the school corridor where they had to do some ‘junk modelling’ to make types of buildings that people live in. Burton made a flat and I was chuffed to see that his teacher had included a quote about what he made on the board behind his ‘masterpiece’ (lol)Burtons flatCollageI dont get much out of Burton about what he has done each day as soon as I see him, I tend to get a few comments here and there up until bedtime. However, one thing which did make me laugh was last Thursday when he proudly announced that he had been taken to the “big boys pub”. Apparently a few others from his class went too! I asked him if he was sure it wasnt a club, “No, Mummy a pub” he answered firmly. Hmmmm I thought. So I asked him what he did there and he said he had to use a mouse! LOL it was a HUB! Oh that really made me laugh, and today when I collected him he cheekily told me that he had been to the pub again today!!IMG_1458 (1)He will have his school photograph taken today and I am taking Jenson in to sit with him – fingers crossed they will both sit still and smile nicely for the photographer! He also has a show and tell and he is taking his Room on the Broom book in for that.

I have noticed, as has his teacher, that he keeps sucking on his fingers something which he has never done before and a habit I do not want him to adopt either. He did tell me that a boy in his class does it to which I had to tell him that the boy in question has probbaly always done that, whereas he has not and he does not need to do it. I hope he soon stops because it make him hard to understand when he is stood there sucking his fingers!

Overall though, I think Burton has settled in very well so far and long may his zest for learning continue. I am very proud of him – well done my darling boy x x

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19 thoughts on “Burton’s 1st Month At School (Flashback Friday)”

  • Wow he has done so much in his first month. It’s lovely to read that he is getting on so well and that he is enjoying it, especially going to the pub!!
    His sad face is so cute. Charles did exactly the same at his preschool Christmas concert and end of year concert. Funny boys xx

  • Ah, well done Burton! You must be so proud, sounds like he’s doing brilliantly. Sounds like you know a lot more about what he gets up to than I do about Leo, I must do a post like this myself, it’s so funny trying to figure out whats going on and translate what’s happening as when he does tell me what he’s done it’s usually in Greek!

    Loved the post, and the photos – and the pub bit really made me smile 🙂

  • He has had a busy month! I love his model, very cool! It’s amazing seeing the difference in their abilities after such a short time in school. Well done Burton! x

  • Great to hear that hes doing so well, we alaso don’t get a lot from Joseph, but offer lots of praise when we do in the hope he will share more! Burton seam to be getting a lot more home work than Joseph has, all we have is a reading book that we can change when ready. He has always been very resistant to me teaching him things & won’t tell me what a letter is even when i know he knows it, i’m just hoping hes better in school. We have parents evening son so will find out!

    • thank you i am pleased he is enjoying school and doing well. I dont get that mich out of Burton, it is like squeezing blood out of a stone!! I am sure your Joseph is doing better at school than he lets on at home x

  • Oh my God! The Boy has got his fingers in his mouth all the time at the moment, and it’s driving me bananas because he’s never done it either! Mum commented earlier that it was like teething again, but I think it’s a mild form of regression with the big change that he’s had starting school. This oral fixation is something that toddlers do as a form of comfort, and I think The Boy is doing it for that reason. It’s perfectly normal to regress slightly at this age btw, they’ll soon correct.

    He has accomplished so much in such a short time, and he’s doing so well that you must be incredibly proud of him. See? We were right to give them a childhood pre-school filled with emotional wellbeing prioritised and time with mummy. We had homework tonight, a worksheet. Far from ideal, but we’re getting there!

    Linked up and off to comment on the others.

    • i think the fingers in the mouth things is a comfort thing he does it at swimming lessons too. BUT i dont want him to develop it into a habit because then it could become a real nightmare!
      glad you have had some homework at last!!! Well the boy at least lol x

  • Aaahh such a lovely post. sounds like Burton is doing really well. It’s amazing how quickly they get them reading and writing before you know it he will be doing spellings & times tables. We try to keep weekends just for family time too but poppy is crazy and wants to read, write and practise her spellings & maths hee hee x

  • Aww sounds like he’s settled in so well and is very busy now. So many little bits of homework and project work. No wonder he’s needing a visit to the pub! 😉

  • He has had a busy first month, he already looks so much older in his school uniform. I love that he told the teacher he wouldn’t be coming in because he was going to soft play, I bet she had a chuckle at that! It’s lovely that he is coming along so well, he must be enjoying it. I hope it carries on like that xx

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