1. This is so so so cute! I think little boys walking around in pants and a tshirt, or just pants look so cute.
    I have photos of Charles in a river in just his pants, and on holiday they both went naked swimming in the lake. By the time I got my camera they were out of the lake wanting to go back to the villa.
    My mum has always said her legs are like tree trunks, since I have put on weight I feel the same about mine, so I understand your reasoning for not wanting to say those kinds of things to the boys. xx

    • thanks Lauren – i love seeing the boys in their pants but they love it mroe as they often strip off halfway through the day when we are at home!!! and we have had naked paddling pool swimming too! its all wonderful x

  2. god I remember those awful group changing rooms in River Island, I used to hate it! Jack never likes to be in just his boxers, always has to have his trousers on….Sam is the complete opposite now he’s hit pre-teen..always parading in just his boxers!

    Me, I’m often found answering the door & realising I’m just in my pants….. 😉

    • ha ha Sam is quite the poser now is he??? i cannot believe Jack is such a prude lol – my two love to parade about without their trousers on!
      i have answered the door braless and no make up before serveral times – yikes!! x

  3. It’s so lovely how children just aren’t bothered one bit. And they’re just so happy and comfortable. I hope that confidence stays with all our little ones. x

  4. I love this post as i just adore my son running around naked or in pants – something i will miss so much in winter! The wellie boots and pants look is a particular favourite of mine. Great photos 🙂

  5. I remember when I was about 3 and we lived in Spain, my Mum and Dad ran the local supermarket. I decided to run from our villa to the shop in the buff. I think I spent most of my time in Spain in the nude LOL. Great photos and a great message in your post.

  6. It is lovely isn’t it – how they don’t worry about what others think.
    I am loving these photos.
    I do think it’s harder for boys though, in that more people think they wont be affected by body image. But they are. I found a lot of teen boys going to the gym a lot my cousin had weights in his room.

    Thank you for hosting. x

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