1. Awww such a lovely post. It’s hard when they go off to school. You realise just how much they are growing up and how fast they are growing. I hate that during the week, I only see Z for 4 hours at the most because he’s at school and then I have to go to work. But it’s a nice feeling seeing them making friends and going on play dates and showing off everything they have learned at school. x

  2. Kimberly

    There you go again, making me cry from reading such an heartfelt flashback. Oh Jen, I really was thinking of you on Sunday night as well as Monday morning. I hope Burton has had a good first week at school and you have been okay as each day passes? You will have many more occasions of holding his hand, even when it is bigger than your own and no doubt, Burton will be the one asking you again to do so. Much love, Kxxx

  3. oh my…such a lovely post. Can’t hold back the tears. The thought of my lill baby, my gorgeous boy going to school and being away from me a whole day, several days a week is highly scary!

  4. All the raw emotion of my little boy starting school has now popped back to the surface thanks to your beautifully written post. It’s so hard this letting go business isn’t it. Big hugs.

  5. Oh my goodness Jenny, I am crying at this. What a beautiful, emotional, heartwarming, and just LOVELY post. This is honestly such a wonderful read. I can totally feel every single emotion you are feeling by reading it. I have goosebumps. x

    • i am so sorry i made you cry but thank you for such a lovely comment. I am so pleased i have this blog to vent my emotions on and to be able to record how I feel about things so it wont be forgotten as i get old and senile lol xx

  6. Aw, I hope things are feeling better now. H had her first full day today too, and it’s such a huge thing isn’t it? I haven’t cried yet, I think I’ve switched it all off, I just talk absolute rubbish to whoever will listen to me. That seems to be my way of coping.

    It is the rest of their lives now isn’t it? But it’s a good thing I think. I know school will make H an even better person – she may be the youngest in the year but she’s doing just as well as any September baby right now, and I think my fears about her age were my biggest problem, when actually I should have just got on with things. I hope you’ve had a good day today too x

    • oh you are good not to have cried – i have lots!! I could cry again now if i read that post again! I just feel it is too soon to send them off into the world and i know they have to be schooled but why at 4!!!
      B was only 4 last July so he is one of the youngest in his class too. Both of our children will be fine – it is just their mums who may not be x x

  7. Sarah

    That was such a beautiful post! I too had a similar experience. My son is now at school too 🙁 thank you for sharing!!

  8. Such a beautiful and heartfelt post – it’s so hard to let them go bit by bit, you want them to thrive without you and be independent but you want them to still want their mummy and to keep them cuddled up and protected with you forever. Sigh. Hope Burton has had a good first week, am sure he’s done brilliantly! xx

  9. Such a beautiful post Jenny!

    This is what i always remind myself in the early morning hours when i am cuddling or feeding my youngest to sleep. That the time passes so quickly so you shouldn’t wish a single second of it away x

    • thanks Katie. it is true you must not wish away any time because all too soon it is gone and (oops here come tears again – I am such a saddo) they are off to school! *sniffs* . But he is enjoying it so that helps x x

  10. Oh Jenny. This is so beautiful and made me cry so much.
    I know exactly how you feel.
    Charles has been scooting from the car into the school and the last 2 days I’ve made him walk so I can get those extra few minutes of hand holding.

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