Play Tray (Review)

When you are travelling in the car it is hard sometimes to entertain your children and more often than not the back of my car is full of cuddly toys, books and other random toy objects that Burton and Jenson deem appropriate to take with them on a journey. It would be great if there was a product that would allow children to maybe read a book more easily, eat snacks from and maybe even allow them to do some drawing.

Well, the Play Tray is a new product that is ideal for use in the car, on a plane, a coach trip or on a train because it is like a mobile lap tray allowing children to be able to eat, drink, draw and read while on the go in a mode of transport. It can even be used in a buggy for eating on the go, a picnic or maybe in a cafe where a high chair is not available.

The Play Tray is extremely light weight and soft, as it is not a rgid wooden tray and will not harm a child. It works by having straps which interlock – similar to those you get on a bumbag or crash helmet – around the child’s middle, and it is easy to secure and unsecure by an adult or an older child.

It has a recess to hold a drink and a side pocket which is a perfect place to hold snacks, pencils, a small book or on occasion, small stones and sticks after a day out!!! The surface is wipeable and can be removed too as there is a zip.


Burton enjoyed using it as he has enjoyed being able to write and read, eat and drink and watch his iPad, in fact a couple of times after we have arrived back home he has asked if he can stay in the car to finish the film he was watching!!


Jenson has used a play tray while sat in his buggy to have a snack from when we have been out and about but I do not have a photo to share because it was accidently deleted! However, it is a handy tray and being lightweight can be carried or placed over the handles of the buggy once it has been asked to be removed!!

The play tray costs £20 and comes in either blue or pink (the photos shown feature the blue version), and I think they are good value for money and a great idea for journeys and buggies.

I was sent two play trays for the purpose of this review. All comments made are honest and my own.


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  1. That looks like a great idea, that would be really useful for A as she always has a stack of stuff in the car and ends up dropping it on the floor.

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