1. Katie @mummydaddyme

    Oh my goooooooooooooood Jenny these look absolutely amazing! I wish I had a friend like you who would bake all these lovely treats I could sample- your boys are super lucky too! I am salvating looking at them! x

  2. Oh my goodness, these look amazing!! I will definitely give them a try Jenny, in fact I want to rush out to the shop now to buy the ingredients, yummy x

  3. innocentcharmer

    Look gorgeous, my friend sells these in her cupcake business as says they are super popular, what a lovely friend you are xx

  4. Jenny!!! How can you post such filth?!?! I’m blaming you for my inability to diet. Pinned and Stumbled. Thanks for linking up to #recipeoftheweek – there’s a new linky up now, so do come and add another recipe, if you haven’t already 🙂

  5. Babycatcherkim

    I can confirm that these were delicious, as I am the best friend they were made for. Very yummy indeed, needless to say they didnt last very long! Thanks Jen. Kxxx

  6. April Craddock

    These look GORGEOUS!! Espesh with the glass of wine, WOW!! This page is getting bookmarked, I desperatly need to make these!! xx

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