1. Chloe Brewer

    I love chocolate fudge cake or carrot cake…or victoria sponge. Basically any cake!!! Mmmm

  2. ForestFlower23

    What a lovely giveaway! I am a big fan of lemony cakes too so will definitely give this recipe a go x

  3. Your lemon cake looks absolutely lush! My favourite cake would be either chocolate fudge or honey cake. Mnay thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  4. hmmm difficult choice but I think it would have to be carrot cake……..or maybe coffee & walnut….ahh d’you know what….any cake!
    The lemon cake looks lovely x

  5. Susan Mann

    mmm this looks amazing. I’m so going to make this. I love Carrot cake, but without nuts. x

  6. gillian moloney

    My favourite without a doubt has to be the, 
    Rainbow Swirly Sponge cake, even though it doesn’t turn out as good as your’s lol. Maybe 3rd time lucky. @mum2alesha 

  7. caro_mad

    Fromage frais cake with cherries and chocolate streusel – my nan’s absolute best recipe 🙂

  8. Hannah L

    I love any cake really.  Chocolate cake always has a draw but my mum’s lemon cake is the best

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