1. emsyjo

    Really interesting post, you prob know I didn’t BF but I always thought I would (I had brought bottles but because I planned to express too, we had no formula)  I too lied to the midwife when they asked me if he’d latched on so they’d let me go home – it ended up with Aaron doing a mad dash to a 24 hr petrol station to get formula.  The midwives who visited me in the next few days tried to help me get him to latch but I couldn’t do it and we gave him formula each day until about 4 days old when I gave up.     This time round I’m going to try again but I’m still coming up with loads of reasons why I don’t want to!

  2. Ahh this is lovely. It was  hard to write mine bearing in mind how hard some people find it because I didn’t have any problems but I know how lucky I was and am worried that next time will be really difficult! It is such a special thing to do though xx

  3. I am in awe of Mum’s who successfully breast feed their babies – I was always adamant that I would breast feed any babies I had and I tried with all of them but sadly it just wasn’t to be and on each of the 3 occasions I tried I was advised by my Midwife’s to switch to formula as none of my babies were thriving.

    I managed 3 weeks of feeding with Harry & I am proud of that as that was the longest I ever managed.

    If I ever fell pregnant again I would try & breastfeed again.

    Well done all you breast feeding Mummies!!!!

  4. caro_mad

    Thanks for joining in, lovely. I tried lying to my midwife but she was having none of it. She wanted to see Amy latching on and drinking and I got so stressed out because I desperately wanted to go home so my parents and sister could have at least an evening with Amy before they had to go back home to Germany. Horrible! 

  5. ReallyRach

    I had the latching problem as well with my eldest, even after spending 3 days in hospital learning how. First night home he refused to latch and that was that. I failed with #2 as well but thankfully I managed with #3 until 2yrs 8mths and #4 is still breastfeeding at 2yrs 1mth. So well done on working through the latch

  6. Its really interesting to hear other people’s breastfeeding stories.   I exclusively bf until Mads was about 10 months, and I have often documented what a struggle it was.  That said once it was sorted it was the most amazing thing in the world- sometimes I miss it! x

  7. Jennypaulin

    i don’t really miss it now, although as i mentioned it feels strange to know that i will never do it again. it can be a struggle can’t it like feeds every 2 hours but its all worth it when you see them grow before your eyes x

  8. Jennypaulin

    thank you, it would have been so easy to have given up i must admit. you have done well to feed so long with your last two children. I don’t know if i would have wanted to feed for that long, but then if either of mine had I expect I would have continued. x

  9. Jennypaulin

    thanks for your comment. I think you did well to feed for any time – and that wasn’t meant to sound patronising. its just not achievable for all of us is it? its so ruddy hard going and tiring. plus if the midwife advised you then you had to do what was right for your babies, after all thats the most important thing  xx

  10. Jennypaulin

    it does not hemp when you are stressed does it? makes the entire situation a whole lot worse! still you got there in the end yay 🙂 
    thanks for a great meme xx

  11. Jennypaulin

    see theres a lesson pin there somewhere isn’t there? don’t lie to the midwife!!! you should only try if you want to Emma and not because you feel you should. if you want too use formula again then do, look at leo he is healthy and well and so its not a bad thing. BUT if you do want to attempt breast feeding then do and make sure you ask for the help this time xxx

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