1. I can’t have  cakes and biscuits so my elevenses snack is usually a piece of fruit.  I’ve tweeted @janesgrapevine and i already like the Anchor facebook page

  2. Lynn Brown

    When I am at work it is usually a banana, but otherwise it is mashed banana on toast with honey.
    I already follow Anchor FB page. I’ve tweeted as above. Thanks for the chance to win. My twitter name is @linby 

  3. I don’t really have a sweet tooth – the stock would still be intact if I was accidentally locked 
    overnight  in a sweet shop  – roast chicken crisps and black tea for me.

    I have tweeted as @00annabellee00

  4. What a great set!
    My snack of choice at the moment is a piece of homemade Flapjack.

    I have tweeted the message @laureninsuffolk

    And liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter.

  5. caro_mad

    It’s all about the cupcakes with me 🙂 No surprise really, is it? 😉 x 

    Have retweeted as @caro_mad x 

  6. Susan

    susan1375 tweeted message, left message on Anchors page (joan gray), love boiled eggs (my own hens) tea and toast.

  7. Well it used to be cream tea, but after seeing your cake… I think It’s changed to chocolate cake… Goodness me that looks amazing!

    Just off to tweet!@mummiafelice 

  8. Dean Bryant

    Like Anchor on Facebook and twitter @deanbryant

    Favourite elevenses?? – Cheese on toast 🙂

  9. Hi my name is Amanda Cottingham (twitter gidders1) I follow them on FB and twitter. and I have tweeted.
    I love a slice of vistoria sponge (made with anchor of course) and a cuppa tea 
    Thank you x

  10. Thesoupdragon44

    my favorite elevenses snack would have to crumpets (homemade if I have the time) with ooodles of butter, and sometimes Marmite! Yummy…
    Liked on FB, Twitter etc… @thesoupdragon44

  11. Fiona Edwards

    My favourite elevenses snack is a fruit scone with butter.
    I’ve retweeted and followed @figgygee
    I already like Anchor on FB (Fee Lynne Edwards) and on Twitter @figgygee 

  12. Zoe G

    I do like a toasted teacake, and sometimes a couple of biscuits with my mid morning brew, but if there is cake available then that’s my first choice

  13. Lucy

    @hoogervaaner on twitter, I love a big massive slice of cake but should really eat carrot sticks!

  14. My favourite elevensies snack at the moment is whatever’s been left in the office kitchen.  Today it was chocs from a selection box, last week it was Welshcakes. The week before, someone had been making scones.  That’s one of the things I love about my job, someone always wants to feed me!  @meedja on twitter

  15. Simone 2006

    My favourite Elevenses are a piece toast with butter and jam tweeted @loppys1234  followed already like anchor fcebook subscribed to newsletter

  16. jessies_online

    OMG that cake looks delicious…..I want it now! I’m happy with a  crumpet spread with peanut butter usually – yum!
    Have tweeted & following/like on FB & twitter

  17. Iggy131313

    Hot sweet waffles with a scoop of cold melty vanilla ice cream, yum yuuuuuum. x I have liked anchors page also. @Iggy131313 

  18. Lisa Wilkinson

    My favourite is any kind of biscuit although I’m on a cut-down at the minute so no snacking! @WeeWillieWilkie 

  19. poppyfields

    I love the Harvest Apple Cake so I make this at least once a week.The kids think it’s a big treat when they see it in there lunch boxes. We grow our own apples so it’s the perfect recipe to make use of them!I love to make the best of fresh seasonal produce so it’s perfect recipe.Would love to win the anchor cake set to display my new found baking talent!

  20. poppyfields

    also tweeted from @raineylainey and I’ve been a big fan of Doreen and the gang on Facebook for a while! We go though some much anchor butter in this house!

  21. Cam01575

    toast with philidelphia cheese. i have tweeted as xSweetCheeksx and liked the anchor page as Si Jackson

  22. Rebecca Denyer

    I have put on a stone snacking so im trying to make sure my snacks are healthy so at the moment i am having fruit and nuts

  23. Samantha_Wesley

    I love a crumpet with loads of Anchor on for elevenses! Tweeted as @samanthawesley and liked in facebook – SJ Wesley

  24. Articleguru999

    A nice homemade muffin with lashings of anchor butter …. tweeted for a comp entry @ArticleGuru999 

  25. Kelly Smith

    A bit of banana bread always goes down well! @kellolio I’m following on facebook too 🙂

  26. My favourite snack is a nice slice of cake, but when I’m trying to be good I have a chopped banana with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of almonds!

  27. Charlotte_Jones

    My favourite elevenses are fruit or cheese scones…mmm 🙂 (tweeted as @charlotte_jones)

  28. Emma hunt

    @itsmeexxx  (twitter) it has to be egg and soldiers. mmmmm tweeted and followed on facebook x

  29. caroline james

    twitter name xxcarolinexxx I love a toasted teacake at elevenses!   Following anchor on FB and have tweeted  your comment too.

  30. @mrs_jacksparrow  I love having a hot chocolate (with cream & marshmallows on top) with some chocolate bourbons. Not very good for my diet but I don’t care – they’re yummy!!

    Already liked on facebook 🙂

  31. Nikki reynolds

    @pooklexiandbump  my fave elevenses is a cherry scone with butter & jam (I can use my pregancy as an excuse for a 2nd one as well hehe)

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