1. Maeve Bradbury

    Hi Jenny – nice to see you back again and feeling like you want to post rather than you have to post. It can take over sometimes can’t it? and interfere with our real life. Anyway – here’s to blogger’s choice! HNY, Mx

  2. I so sympathize with how you feel. I didn’t join in the daily post thing, but increased to about 3 per week, which I found with a business and kids a huge commitment. Like you I love doing it, but I am not that fast and use lots of photos so it takes me a while. The kids say I am always on the computer so I do have to take stock and restrict myself to late nights then try not to be grumpy the next day. So much more I would love to do on my blog but I know I have to balance it with my real life. 

  3. Jennypaulin

    thats the thing isn’t it? i was trying to blog in the day aswell , as i was falling behind, which you can’t do with two little ones (let alone all your brood and your business). then staying up late and then having a poorly baby waking me up too i was just really tired (still am but hey ho!) 
    we can only do what we can manage x

  4. Amen to this! I will always think that real life come first, no matter what. I really enjoy your blog and signed  to receive it by emails, let me tell you that whenever you don’t post and I don’t receive an email, it makes the following post always much more exciting. I swear. just don’t take too much time off as I like reading your posts, as for the 3 blogs…I think you are insane, but good on you for trying, well I should say good on you and Burton as he is a blogger too now, bless him!

  5. kath mummywalker

    Fair play to everyone who posted every day in November. I wouldn’t have managed it! But yey to blogging for you again! xx

  6. I love blogging for me. As soon as I “have” to do it it’ll feel like a massive chore so I’m. But rubbish with daily things. I like to post about 3 or 4 times a week. Personally I’d struggle finding stuff to blog about daily!

  7. I usually challenge myself to blog daily in December (I know – busy, busy month and 2 of my kds have December birthdays too) as I love taking pics of Christmas decor and always lots to blog about.

    By the end I was really in my stride and didn’t even think about it. In fact so far (apart from yesterday) I’ve continued with my daily blogging!

    Definitely don’t want it to become a chore!

  8. Susan Mann

    lol love this post. Your boys are so lucky to have such a fun mum. You should blog for you, when you blog because you have to it becomes a chore. Looking forward to reading more posts. x

  9. Totally agree its hard to find time to blog with 2 little ones so nothing worse than that feeling of “but I have to blog, I made a commitment to do this”. Glad you’re enjoying blogging for you as and when you like it. Hope it rubs off on me!

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