1. Oh its horrible, isn’t it, trying to get antibiotics down a small child.  Roo gets a lot of ear infections due to glue ear, and we always have amoxicillin (AKA banana medicine) but because her colds stops her sleeping we get phenergan too, which is a nasty burnt orange tasting antihistamine. 

    I have tried everything you did, eventually mixing it with a fromage frais, except we didn’t tell her.  And thought we’d been super clever, until one day she said she didn’t want a medicine yoghurt. OH!

    Now I sometimes have to resort to brute force with a syringe and a chocolate button.  

    Hope he’s feeling better x

  2. 1978rebecca

    Oh dr, poor little man. It’s hard when they’re little because they don’t understand what the benefits ar. At least he did take it in the end.

  3. if we’re allowed to add things to it you’d think the company would to – duuurrrr.
    Thankfully I haven’t encountered this, but with motherhood…. I have to add a “yet”….

  4. I think te threat option could make more problems. I have a huge phobia of needles not helped by childhood experiences. My son hates medicine and the syringe method works the best I have found…

  5. The bit where you told him the bit would fall off made me giggle. It sounds like something I would do. It’s such a nightmare even getting calpol into z and i usually end up squirting it into his mouth when he’s crying.

  6. Oh nightmare that in the end he had to be pinned down, but needs must and he must have it! It really does taste foul though, why they can’t make these things nicer I’ll never know!

  7. We had huge problems (involving me wearing a huge amount of buttercup syrup) for this reason till we realised that if we put a drop of calpol on the bottom of the medicine spoon and then the actual medicine on top, the last taste my son got was the calpol going down.  He knew it wasn’t exactly the same but he DID take his medicine.

  8. yay well done on finding a solution that worked, I thankfully have had very few episodeds where medicine is needed how quite I have survived that in the 10 years of my eldest Im not too sure lol

  9. Annamumof2

    This has given me a giggle while I am in the depths of medicine refusal misery from two children (2 and 3 years old!), daughter is easier to bribe and responds well to the threat of hospital (she has been there before!) son on the other hand refuses point blank to take anything! We have tried everything above, it’s nice to see we are not the only parents suffering, son is on second lot of meds now…strawberry flavoured, easy to diguise as milkshake! But daughter on fluxocillin for chicken pox infection and son hasn’t got chicken pox yet, hope his aren’t as bad as my daughters as there is no way on earth I will get that vile tasting stuff down him four times a day! Nice to read this to see other people suffer the same problems….longest week ever in our house! 

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