1. I love the idea of a poo, wee moment! 

    i’d love you to link on Friday funny if you like? You don’t have to add the badge or anything. xx

  2. Jennypaulin

    I will do so this Friday and I ahbe corrected all th formatting errors and typos – blogger app is really peeing me off now keeps crashing or not saving my corrections!!
    Thanks for making sense of it xx

  3. Once the poo his finished, stand up and proudly inspect the product (with eyes only) and decide what the poo most resembles.

    Rainbow poo.
    Snake poo.
    Banana poo.
    Dinosaur poo.
    Rabbit poo.
    Carrot poo.
    Snail poo (these are bad when said pooer is scared of snails and means the potty must be emptied quicker than ever!)

  4. Notmyyearoff

    Haha I never thought of the wee poos at once. And yes I can see how socks MUST be removed too :). I laughed my head off reading this. But part of me is dreading this in years to come!

  5. In order to make it easier for mummy to wipe your bottom, you must bend over attempting a handstand but without lifting your legs off the floor. Then shake your bottom in mummy’s face and declare “I can’t see Baby Jake anymore mummy!”

    Chuckled with laughter reading these.

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