1. The Boy is a right bu*gger sometimes with some food, but as long as I walk some grated cheese on top, or Philadelphia, we’re usually ok!

    Brilliant drawing, far better than The Boy’s!

  2. I usually say no sweets or treats and they usually eat. If it’s something he’s tried and really doesn’t like I will normally resort to toasted cheese but that’s it. If they don’t eat they don’t get anything else. They grow out that phase quick when they realise no treats x

  3. We are still in the chuck it on the floor if it’s not pasta phase, but I have taken to mixing pasta into anything that we eat! Tonight chilli con carne and tomorrow ……roast dinner! Umm kind of joking about the last one although it might work! x

  4. Notmyyearoff

    We are going through a “clamp your mouth tightly shut” phase. Z usually ears just enough to charge his batteries then tries to rip himself free from the hughchair! If I pull out a petit filou, though, he’s as good as gold, little cheeky monkey. I’ve once fed him spinach covered in yoghurt… Bleurgh!

  5. jessies_online

    Those faces are brilliant, I must try that with Jack – he says I don’t like it all the time. I think distraction is great, Jack will always want his tea before everyone else is ready to eat so I give it to him a bit earlier sometimes but he rarely eats it & usually comes back to it when everyone else is at the table, chatting away & not even realising he’s eating!

    Not only is Burton a swimming genius he is also an artistic genius too!

  6. Jennypaulin

    Thank you I will let Burton know! At the end of the day sometimes I just have to do anything you can to get them to eat!! x

  7. Jennypaulin

    When B was smaller I used to give him a mouthful of yogurt followed by mouthful of savoury dinner until it was all gone! Well a mummy has to do what a mummy has to do! X

  8. Jennypaulin

    Don’t joke – I have puréed a chicken dinner and then served it with pasta for an before! Anything goes with pasta x

  9. Jennypaulin

    Yes we tried that but the smiley face game seems to work for us a the moment but one day it will stop and we will have to do something else x

  10. Jennypaulin

    Yes cheese on top of things will sometimes work with Burton unless he just picks the cheese off and wnt eat the dinner underneath! Boys!! X

  11. What a fabulous idea, I am really going to copy that! We have ups and downs with eating all the time. I need to get Noah to practice face, i will be lucky if he can mange a circle! 

  12. 1978rebecca

    I agree with you on this,I rink the more relaxed you are about what they eat the more likely they at to get over it.although I’ve been lucky so far and mine just seem to love their food, possibly a bit too much. If you fuss them too much they realise that’s a good way to get attention. Of course that’s only forminor fussy eating, I imagine a really extreme fussy eater is a different ball are.

    By the way his drawings are brilliant, youve finitely got a little artist on your hands!

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