1. I like the idea of using the slow cooker for this. It has never occurred to me. Prob a lot more economical than doing it on the hob. Thanks Jen. Next’s week’s Recipe Shed theme will be FLAVOURS OF THE SEA.  Thinking cap on.

  2. Anne @ Domesblissity

    Hi Jenny and thanks for popping over. Isn’t the slow cooker great for soups? I love having one on in the winter months. I actually had trouble finding a soup I’d done this last winter which didn’t have meet in it for exactly the same reasons as you. I’m married to a carnivore! LOL

    Anne xx 

  3. Anton1a

    I love the fact this can include whatever is leftover, the fact the your other half eats it, and also that it is smooth- I didn’t expect it to be, and I will definitely try this (and maybe sneak some to my other half, who is not the greatest vegetable fan, but I reckon he might just go for it!)

  4. Jennypaulin

    But you could make this overnight and all you would have to do the next day is blend it!! I really think you would change your mind ifmyou had a slow cooker yourself xx

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