1. oh my goodness – did you sing that? you should have vlogged it! 
    47 posts! wow! well done you – I also found it a really positive experience and yes, I also neglected twitter – similar negatives to you but mostly it was great

  2. Notmyyearoff

    Congratulations!! It’s quite an achievement, I don’t think I would have been able to do it without a fair bit of stress. I think I might attempt it next year. Well done! Now you can put your feet up and have a good rest. But do this weeks Gallery!! 🙂

  3. Jennypaulin

    Thank you and thank you again!! And for popping by and commenting and reading all my waffle this last month xx

  4. Jennypaulin

    I only sang it in my head – maybe the 70 off us who took part should vlog it singing it karaoke style!!
    Thank you I feel really chuffed with the content of my posts and the supper I had and for finding my way with my blog at last. I am glad you had a similar experience of it xx

  5. Jennypaulin

    Thank you it went better than I thought and thank you for your support by stopping by and reading and commenting xx

  6. Well done you. I have enjoyed your posts and while I didn’t take part in NaBloPoMo have blogged more in Nov thank ever before and feel much the same as you in this  last post summarizing the positive and negative side of frequent blog posts. 

  7. You wrote a poem-song thingy!! How cool are you?! I am in awe *awe-struck* It rhymes and EVERYTHING! 😀 Well done missus, I think writing something every day is a top achievement and you should be proud X X X

  8. AlexanderResidence

    Love this going out with a BANG! I think our lists are quite similar, def helped me see my blog better too.
    Wish I had had more time to catch up with everyone, but glad we reconnected a bit, it was good for that.

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