1. Interesting. Phones aren’t one of the things that bother me (although again, all mine are too little for this – although they all absolutely LOVE phones – top tip, find an old mobile, take the battery out and give it to Burton. He’ll like it a million times more than a brightly coloured all singing all dancing toy one, I promise you!), but it raises all sorts of questions about “growing up too soon” etc etc.

    I do think though that we now do expect everyone to be permanently contactable. I know if I can’t get hold of B or my parents I worry that something might have happened. I suspect therefore I’ll be giving the girls phones, as much for my peace of mind as anything else…

  2. This is a tricky one and as Esther and William are just 9 months old I have a while to work it out. I think it will depend on circumstances when they are given a phone and how it will be used. I know that my Goddaughter, aged 3, has her own phone that her Daddy calls her on as her Mummy does not want her Daddy to have her number. That makes me very sad but such situations do arise when a phone might become necessary.

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