Win a New Year 4 Night Break Break at Parkdean Sandford Park

Win a New Year 4 Night Break Break at Parkdean Sandford Park

Regular readers of my blog will recall that back in May my family and I enjoyed a lovely weekend break at Parkdean Sandford Park. We stayed in an amazing caravan which was so luxurious and comfortable, on a site which was well equipped and had plenty of entertainment and activities to keep Burton and Jenson occupied and happy. In fact Jenson only mentioned the holiday to me yesterday afternoon, when he asked if we could have another caravan holiday – oh and visit Peppa Pig World, which is situated close by, again!!

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Woolly and Tig:First Day DVD – Review and Give Away

Both of my children enjoy watching Woolly and Tig, the CBeebies show about the adventures of young Tig and her toy spider Woolly. Each episode gives us an insight into an everyday scenario that I think many parents and their youngsters face and recognsie, whether it be a trip to the dentist, the first day at nursery, learning to share toys, fussy eating and so on, which Tig and her Mummy and Daddy encounter. This is what I think makes the programme so appealing to children and parents alike because we can all relate to the events which we see unfold, because they show typical child behaviour that has or will happen to our own kids at some point in their young lives.
When Tig is naughty, or doesn’t do as she is told, finds it hard to make a decision, refuses to do or eat something or is scared, it is her toy spider Woolly who magically comes to life in Tig’s eyes and is the voice of reason who makes her see sense and calms her down/reassures her/tells her to say sorry etc…. It is Woolly who saves the day really and prevents or stops a tantrum, reminds Tig to do what she is told etc… He makes her realise that what she has been doing is not acceptable and encourages young Tig to think about what she has done and the consequences, which results in her behaving herself and recognising that she was wrong.
I like the lessons this TV programme teaches children about what is acceptable or unacceptable behaviour, showing examples of right from wrong and revealing that children cannot get their own way. Also that places like dentist surgeries and nursery schools are not scary places. I have often used the show’s storyline as an example when I am explaining something to Burton if he has done a similar thing to Tig. It also shows that spiders are friendly and nothing to be afraid of – after all Woolly is only a toy spider (repeats this mantra to myself as a spider hater).
Abbey Home Media have just released a Woolly and Tig DVD which features 15 episodes and runs for 75 minutes which is good value for entertainment I say!
The DVD also comes with a reward chart and stickers 

which is a perfect freebie for this particular DVD seeing as though the majority of the Woolly and Tig ethos is her behaviour and learning important life lessons. Burton will be using this chart that’s for sure!!
I have 3 copies of this DVD to give away and all you need to do to win a copy is to enter the free draw below by filling in the form.
This give away ends at 12:00am on Wednesday 1st May, 2013
Good luck 🙂

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Dry Like Me Smarter Way To Potty Train Packs

When I was thinking about potty training Burton I have to admit the thought terrified me. I had heard so many tales of the accidents that occur inside and outside little pants, that I was dreading going nappy-less with him. Luckily for me, having waited until he was ready and showing signs of understanding what his bodily functions were and pre-emtping them, when we started toilet training last October 
he was brilliant! He was such a clever boy and we ended up only having a few accidents within the first two weeks. 

While I had been contemplating when was the right time to begin Burton’s potty training, I held a Going Potty carnival where I invited other blogging Mums to share their experiences on this toddler rites de passage and several potty training aids were trialled and tested for the carnival. Including the Dry Like Me Potty Training Pads.
 For those of you who aren’t familiar with these ingenious potty training pads, the Dry Like Me concept is simple, the pads add an absorbent layer to your child’s pants and therefore providing them with extra confidence which in turn assists in minimising the mishaps that can be associated with toilet training. By wearing the pads in their pants, children are able to recognise their own body’s clues for needing the toilet, and if they do suffer a little accident it helps them to start to comprehend and react to whats happening. Afterall, it is the increased awareness that is significant in making toilet training progress. Also because the Dry Like Me pads are designed to give you a little extra time to react when your child needs to use a toilet, it helps keeps you relaxed which in turn relaxes your child which helps the toilet training process. 
The pads can be worn in three different ways
at the front for capturing wee
at the back for capturing poo
both ways together
The top layer has small holes in it to help trap the poo which prevents contact with the body once the pants are removed.

The Dry Like Me training pads were designed by Mums to help other Mums (and Dads), which I always think is a great endorsement!

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I was lucky with Burton as he took to potty training really well and I didn’t need to use potty training aids like Dry Like Me pads or any incentives to ensure the potty was used successfully each time. However, every child is different and some will require things like a reward chart, for example, to encourage and motivate them to use the potty/toilet.  Dry Like Me are giving away ‘Smarter Way To Potty Train’ packs to help with potty training.
Each pack contains:

Priced at £15 these potty training helping hand packs will be useful for a lot of parents I would think, and hopefully achieve toilet training success 🙂

I have 3 of the Dry Like Me Smarter Way To Potty Train packs to give away to 3 lucky Mummy Mishaps readers. 
All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a pack is to fill in the rafflecopter form below.
Prize draw ends at 12:01am Friday 17th August

I was asked to host this prize draw on the back of the Going Potty carnival I hosted where the Dry Like Me Pads were featured. All comments and opinions expressed are based on my experiences of potty training my child, and from what I have read about these products. 

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