How Well Do You Sleep?

With my eldest child turning 10 this year (where did that time go? Although that is another story!), my sleepless nights have lasted a decade now. To be fair, in my late teens and twenties I did not get a lot of sleep. Too much partying and staying out/up late and into the early hours, did not help me get a full night sleep. However, I was younger back then and could take the lack of sleep much better.

Seriously, though how much sleep do you get compared to what is recommended from a health point of view? I expect for many of us it is actually much, much less. I think on average that I get 6-7 hours most nights. Mind you, this is not usually uninterrupted sleep as I am often awake at some point due to the kids, my bladder, the cat, the dog and sometimes my OH. It is VERY rare that I sleep straight through.

I know that I should go to bed earlier than I do, as it is usually after 11pm (nearing 11.30pm) by the time I head up the stairs. My alarm is set for 7am, but I am awake before that almost every day, anytime from 5.30am onwards.

Nowadays, social media and our smart devices are blamed for us not going to sleep sooner or getting a better nights sleep. Indeed, new research (the survey of 2,000 Brits ) carried out by the world’s first personalised pillow, Nanu, revealed. has revealed that over half the nation (55%) regularly use electronic devices such as smartphones in bed and 15% admit it is their worst bed habit.

It is not just smartphones that are leading to a poor night’s sleep, but they are causing arguments too. Furthermore, they are pushing many couples to sleep separately, or even leading to divorce. One third of couples admitted to arguing over tech in the bed, from using social media (30%), checking emails (11%), playing games (11%) and reading gossip websites (6%).

Surprisingly, it is the ladies who are clocking up the most screen time at unsocial hours. Apparently, 57% admit they use their phone or tablet in bed, 33% of them scrolling through social media and 5% browsing gossip websites.

Inability to switch off from work is also keeping young professionals up, with 14% of those in full time employment feeling pressurised to check work emails just before they go to sleep.   


  1. Tossing and turning
  2. Snoring
  3. Looking at phone
  4. Watching TV in bed
  5. Hogging the duvet
  6. Falling asleep with the TV on
  7. Keeping the bedroom door open
  8. Eating in bed
  9. Accidentally kicking partner
  10. Keeping a light on


  1. Snoring
  2. Hogging the duvet
  3. Tossing and turning
  4. Using tech devices
  5. Falling asleep with the TV on
  6. Accidentally kicking partner
  7. Listening to music
  8. Leaving the bedside light on
  9. Eating in bed
  10. Sleep talking

So what do you think your sleep score would be with regards how much sleep you get each night? Why not take the test below (just for fun of course!), and find out.

Thanks to Nanu, you can now create your own perfect sleep experience with the first personalised pillow. This unique product allows restless sleepers to create a pillow that is tailored to their needs, ensuring a perfect sleep for even the worse insomniacs.

Design your perfect pillow via the nanu website by answering a series of questions about your sleeping habits. Using your height and weight measurements, together with the sleep preference and softness indicator, the information is used in an algorithm, making the right adjustments to create the perfect pillow for your needs.

As well as being super soft and allergen free, nanu pillows are also filled with recycled materials from plastic bottles. Every nanu stops 20 plastic bottles going to landfill, meaning your pillow is environmentally friendly without compromising on premium comfort.

The benefits of a good night’s sleep include stress reduction, memory improvement, lowered blood pressure, improving mood, keeps the heart healthy and make you smarter.

The Nanu personalised pillow costs £38 and available online at Would you pay 8p per night for the perfect sleep?

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