Enjoy a Summer Pistou!

With the summer sun comes high temperatures and whilst most of us relish the heat, there are some unfortunate side effects.

One is feeling so relaxed that the smallest of tasks become a chore. Heat also affects our appetite. Whilst we crave something delicious and tasty to eat, we don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking it.

The answer lays in the simple but delicious summer pistou.

What is a pistou?

Traditional, a pistou is a sauce or paste made from a heady combination of basil, pungent garlic and an equally tasty and robust cheese. Hailing from Provence, some say it is a thick soup, others a stew whilst some cooks use it as the final glorious ingredients in many dishes.

A summer pistou is simply perfection. Easy to make, its simplicity belies its tastiness. It is versatile, taking on different flavours and dressings to match your summer appetite.

It can be eaten for lunch or dinner, it makes a splendid mid-afternoon snack and is perfect served with garlic bread or another type of artisan bread for when guests call round, expected or otherwise.

Making your own

You’ll need a clutch of summer-fresh ingredients for summer pistou, many of which you can harvest straight from the vine or the soil in the polytunnel.

It takes a little chopping and sautéing, but the results are outstanding. You can add your own toppings and be generous too, with the cheese. And don’t forget variety is the spice of life.

Make plenty and freeze in thick bags, ready for when you are hungry but the heat and the lazy day dictates you spend more time in the garden than in the kitchen, chopping, slicing and boiling.

The perfect solution for summer eating

It’s not often we get to enjoy long days filled with wall-to-wall sunshine. Don’t miss it by hiding inside.

Use Mediterranean ingredients to add a touch of yet more summer and sun, with tasty olive oil and soft cheese. Or add a depth of pungency with garlic and maybe a hint of chilli…

Dine al fresco and enjoy the light, yet velvety depth of this summer recipe.

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