How To Give The Perfect Send-off To a Work Colleague

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Nobody in the world understands your woes better than your office colleagues; they are with you through thick and thin. Your work family is what makes office bearable, they are literally your ray of sunshine in the otherwise gloomy office-atmosphere and heaps of work,  so it wouldn’t be surprising at all for you to see your world slowly fall apart when one of them announces (maybe your favorite one) that they are resigning.

Your obvious reaction would probably have your moment of peace and drown yourself in sorrow but at this point it is extremely important to understand that this is not about you. So, rather feeling sorry for yourself, comprehend the situation and make the last few days of your departing colleague the best days they have had and maybe (just maybe) they will reconsider staying.

Throw a farewell party

A farewell party is a great way of telling your colleague that they will be missed. However, if your colleague is shy and introverted don’t go all out on the decorations and guest list. Keep in consideration the kind of person they are and what they will be most comfortable with. You can start planning your farewell party by taking into confidence the closest people to your colleague. If you are doing it in your office, then it is a good idea to invite everyone in the department you are working in; for a more private affair you can pitch in and rent out a place. Either way, your focus should be selecting an appropriate food menu. Fix a budget and hire someone for Corporate Catering accordingly. At each step of your planning make sure you respect and consider your departing colleague’s choices, happiness, and comfort.

Buy a Present

Giving presents is a great way of strengthening your bond with anyone, especially with someone who is parting with you. When picking out a present for your colleague make sure it is something special and meaningful. Something which reminds them of you in their new workplace. It doesn’t have to be super fancy or expensive but something which holds sentimental value to both of you. You can even pitch in money and buy your colleague the thing they have been wanting for a long time. This can best convey the message of how much you care about them.

Say it With a Note

If you are a little inexpressive and cannot find the right words to make a farewell speech, the best way to express your feelings would be to pen them down into a little note. You can express your sadness and reminisce at the good times spent together

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