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As some of you who visit my blog might already know, we have a dog called Copper. We brought him into our family last summer and he is now 17 months old and a bit of a handful, much better than he was of course, but being so young he is still full of energy and VERY excitable.

Being young and a Beagle, Copper’s recall is not always very good and he spends many of his walks firmly on a lead because I am not always confident that he won’t run off, especially if he sees another dog (boy, he can run away fast!) or if he were to get a scent of something interesting to dogs!

However, Instow beach, which is a short drive from us, is the perfect dog walking place for Copper because I can let him off his lead and despite the fact that he will still run off (and quickly!), and say hello to every dog he can see, I know that he cannot escape too far.

Another thing I enjoy about taking Copper to Instow is that because I ted to go now out off season,and usually first thing or last thing, the people I meet are fellow dog walkers and dog lovers, and therefore they embrace my over excited dog and his occasional jumping up! It is a doggy haven!

Of course walking at the beach can be mixed bag weather wise, it can be very cold and windy during the winter months and I need to wrap-up warm because a coastal breeze can be freezing.

Take last weekend, when we all went to the beach for an early morning walk, thank goodness we were all wrapped up in warm clothes, because it was so windy that sand was being blown over the sea wall and into the car when we opened the doors to get out! As I tell my two boys, it is always worth taking a hat and lots of layers at this time of year.

You cannot really see from the photos just how blowy it was that Sunday morning, but believe me sunglasses would have been useful to prevent sand from getting into our eyes!

As much as a warm winter coat is ideal for keeping you warm during the colder months, I much prefer layering up and wearing a waterproof coat instead. This is because sometimes when I am on a brisk walk, possibly one away from the beach, I do find that I warm up quickly and therefore a thick winter coat with a jumper underneath, plus hat and gloves etc… makes me too hot! Plus many winter coats are not waterproof, and there is nothing worse then wearing as heavy and wet coat on a walk. A waterproof coat is also perfect all year round and I love this red coat, the colour looks great and I think it is a jacket I can wear while out walking and shopping in town. I love it. 

I find wellington boots are the ideal footwear when on the beach. However, they are not comfortable enough to wear for too long. Therefore, a pair of sturdy and comfortable walking boots are a much better option from because they are suitable for all sorts of walking terrains and I think they look quite stylish too actually. I have never owned a pair of shoes like these before, but I have to admit that as a person who walks every day now, they are a welcome relief to me and my feet. (Copper liked them on me so much, that he weed on the side of one after this photo was taken!)

Above all, having a dog and getting out and about is good for me and my family. All that fresh sea air, glowing cheeks and exercise does us all the world of good and gives us some time together as a family away from screens and mobile phones!


I was sent a selection of items from Millets Online for the purpose of a review as part of the #Milletsdogs campaign.


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