When to plan the second pregnancy?

It is said that being pregnant and having a baby is the best feeling in the world. But it is handful to handle the first baby and to plan a second baby is a question that raises many doting mom’s lashes. So the right time to plan the second baby depends on many factors that will help you to be prepared for the second pregnancy and take care of the first child as well. These are few factors that one should take in consideration:

  • Health condition and age: A woman needs time to regain her lost strength and normalise the hormonal level to get ready for the second round of pregnancy. While delivering a lot of essential nutrients are lost including calcium that makes a woman week. So the health of the woman is of paramount importance while planning a baby. One should avoid pregnancy while still breast feeding the first one.
  • First child’s age: A baby needs a lot of care and nourishment in his first year. But when a woman is pregnant she needs to take care of herself, the unborn child and the first child which can be very tiring for her especially if the first child is just one year old or less. So it’s important to plan the second pregnancy after a year or year and a half so that it’s a bit easy for the mother.
  • The financial condition of the family: Financial condition of a family also matters while taking such decision as a baby has his own needs. He needs his own clothes, toys, crib and other accessories that can be costly. If you are pregnant or planning the second child then prepares the baby’s nursery in the budget by availing promo codes from https://www.bydiscountcodes.co.uk/. It will help to manage the finances and keep the monthly budget in control.
  • Partner’s willingness: Having a baby cannot be just one partner’s decision. Being a lady, you might feel ready to have another child, but your husband might think differently. He might feel having one kid is handful as of now or might have reservations because of financial constraints. Having a baby is a big change for a male as the time he used to get from his wife is diverted, and there is a lack of intimacy. He might want to rekindle the romance and just be a father to one child. So it is essential to know what is in his mind and mutually plan the second one.
  • The age gap between two kids: Ideally, the age difference between two babies should be 1.5 to 2 years as a toddler he might not feel any alienation or neglect, but if you plan the second baby after 4-5 years the first child might feel anxious or jealous because of the attention given to newborn.

To conclude, mainly it depends on the couples whether they want another child or not and when they want but it is essential to keep these factors in mind as you are not getting any younger and more the age more will be the complications.

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