The Best Family Friendly Furniture

From a full eight hours of sleep to watching your favourite shows without interruption, you’ve given up a lot to have children!

One thing you shouldn’t have to give up is your dream home, and it’s much easier than you think to create a home that’s child-friendly, whilst remaining beautiful and tidy.

Many families put off decorating until their children are grown up. They settle with worn out furniture which is years past its expiration date, thinking the kids will ruin anything new and chic. But even the youngest of children can benefit from living amongst beautiful things – it helps them grow up to appreciate and respect them.

So, why not create your dream spaces which the whole family can enjoy? Get the kids involved with some of the decisions, too, like picking out paint colours or fabric samples. It may give them a feeling of ownership, meaning they’ll think twice before wiping their hands on the rug!

If you’re a fan of, or have even braved the white interior look yourself, you’ll know that your children’s dirty hands somehow have a magnetic attraction to your pristine white walls. But what if we told you you could limit the amount of damage those dirty little handprints can make? Next time you’re redecorating, use a washable paint! That way you’ll be able to wash away those dirty little finger marks without removing any colour.

It’s not just your walls that need an extra set of armour, it’s your furniture too! A dinner table is a stressful place already – it’s where your little ones refuse to eat their peas, and where more food ends up on the floor than it does in their mouths. Don’t add to the stress by fretting about spills and stains! Throw a wipe-clean table cloth on before any messy food or crafts. This can be especially helpful if your kids enjoy drawing on the table more than on paper!

Sofas? How about fabric sofa covers? Not only do these look slick and stylish but it will save you on the costly trips to the dry cleaners.

With little ones around it’s more than likely that by the end of the day you’ll find toys and more dotted about your living room. It’s time to get smart with storage! Introduce woven storage baskets into your living space to keep toys organised, or invest in some storage footstools which are another child-friendly way to clean up the clutter while scoring you some extra style points.

Keeping your house prim and proper isn’t just about protecting it from stains and scratches, it’s also about protecting your little ones against common household dangers. Put up some shelves and keep anything dangerous, or what you don’t want to be broken, up at a height.

What is your favourite way to protect and maintain an almost spotless family home?




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  1. Sending Amy outside to play? 😀 No, I think having surfaces and floors that are easy to clean really makes all the difference x

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