Organised Mess

Organised Mess

How organised a person are you? Are you someone who knows where everything is and that everything should be in its proper place? Or maybe you collect too many things and are a hoarder? Or, of course, maybe you are a complete scatter brain when it comes to organising your home and life, and therefore things are a little all over the place and chaotic?

I am not very organised. I want to be and I try to be but I am like headless chicken sometimes, rushing around my house trying to locate paperwork or objects that I need for something important. The amount of times I have mislaid important documents like my driving licence and HMRC paperwork  – well its too many to remember to be honest! I was more organised when I had an office job, well I had to be and I would write to do lists and have check lists and I would try and empty my in trays weekly. However, since I left full time work and went self employed, and then since becoming a Mummy I seem to have lost the ability to be organised!

My star (of the zodiac) sign is Cancer and according to some information I have been sent, which I am sharing below, I should be better at being organised than I appear to be! Apparently I should find peace of mind in being organised and having some order. To be honest, I would probably be much more relaxed and less stressed if this were true! I do think I could help myself by investing in a cheap office desk and chair – a place to blog from, a place with drawers that I could file my paperwork in.

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to ask some fellow bloggers how organised there are and see if their behaviour tallies with what they should according to their star signs.

I’m Capricorn and like things to be organised. From separating washing as it goes into the wash into darks, lights and towels to having folders on my laptop by year, month and date for photos

Capricorn and I am the least organised person going from the outside, in my head everything is where it needs to be and I know where everything in.

Taurus – messy & disorganised but I try so hard not to be!

I’m Libra and I’m the Queen of Chaos. If my desk is too tidy, I have to mess it up a bit because I can’t concentrate if I don’t have my creative chaos.

Aquarius and totally OCD

I am leo and I am organised if the plan is in place. I am not organised if something is a mess. If my kitchen is tidy I love it, and want to keep it tidy and clean and in fact I will clean it, even if it is clean. When it is messy though I just think “sod it, I can’t be bothered”. Same with filing receipts for my tax return. All in a massive carrier bag and then when sorted I obsess over it.

I’m Scorpio. I’m fabulous at orgNising other people and rubbish at organising myself.

Saggittarius here. I’m fairly organised and my home is mostly tidy but I’m not a neat freak. As much as I love everything clean and minimal, everything ultimately has a lived-in and chaotic look.

Sagittarious – completely chaotic

I am very organised but incredibly untidy.(I am a Sagittarius)

Pisces – I know where everything is apart from the keys I lost for 9 months… which were where I thought they were and I had checked multiple times they had just gone through the lining!


I’m Pisces and I’m very organised but not bothered too much about being tidy. I always know where everything is and I like to have systems.

I am a Gemini and I swing between being very organised and rebelling completely against any kind of routine. Twins in action

I am Aries and it definitely represents my personality. I am impatient yet enterprising. Organised yet chaotic to the outsider. I am always optimistic and aim high in everything I do.

I’m a Taurus, I love things looking neat and tidy and I love pretty things. I get quite annoyed when my family leave stuff around and I’m always picking up after them. So it’s never quite as I want it.

Now lets see if they are like their sign of the zodiac:

Well, it is fair to say that some people are very like their star sign traits. Mine is more like a Gemini I feel, which could be true seeing as though my birthday is only two days after the end of that zodiac period.

Do you match your star sign when it comes to your organisational skills?

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