Project 365, 2017. Week 19

Project 365, 2017. Week 19

We have had some lovely weather again this last week. Some rain too, but we managed to get out and about quite a bit while the sun was shining or in between the showers!

Here is a look back at our week in photos:

We went to Landacre for a picnic and a walk and the boys had a paddle in the water. We also saw an adder – I have never seen a snake in the wild before and hope not to see one again now LOL!

We were awake early this morning, so we went for a walk to the park before school and the boys had it all to themselves.

We went to Bideford Park after school with some friends for the first dip into the outdoor pool. They did well and stayed in for about an hour.

Jenson running with his shades on, despite their being no sun!

Burton and some of his class mates had a surfing lesson at Westward Ho! this afternoon. Once the lesson was ended, a few of us stayed on and had a picnic, just before the rain came! 

A cheeky cocktail or two for me this evening with some school/PTA mum friends 

The boys went for a bounce at a friend’s party and then we went camping for the night 

8 thoughts on “Project 365, 2017. Week 19”

  • fab week and so great to be outdoors for most of it, who cares if the sun is shining, sunnies are cool in any weather, including indoors here in Dubai, I’ve never seen an adder in the UK, but I have seen Puff Adders and a Green Mamber when I lived in South Africa, both at picnic sites

  • What a lovely active week you’ve all had! I love the idea of going to a park before school. Sadly with big kids nothing gets done before school. It’s hard enough to get them out of bed on time! I don’t much think I’d like to see an adder in the wild either. The most I’ve ever seen is a slow worm.

  • Breeding season for adders, but no best avoided if you can.
    Great to get to the park before school, and wow at wind surfing lessons, we never got anything that exciting at school.

  • Such an active week! I’ve never seen an adder either. I know we have them, but I tend to forget about them. They are quite unlikely to bite though I think.

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