Our New Extension : Where We Are So Far

Our New Extension : Where We Are So Far

Last summer we started having an extension added to the side of our house. To be honest, we don’t actually need more space inside our already ample sized house, but when we bought the property it came with planning permission for a garage with a dwelling above it.

This was a deal breaker for my OH because he really wanted a garage, so after 4 years of living here work began on it, and we decided we may aswell add the living space as it will add value to the house over time.

Plans were drawn up and after a few hiccups at the start, something which all new builds encounter as I have witnessed myself while watching  Grand Designs, the building took shape. The boys enjoyed climbing up on to the scaffolding to visit and pester (they thought they were helping of course!) our builder and his labourer!

By October we were able to stand inside what will one day be the new master bedroom. At this point we had to make a few adjustments and reduce the amount of windows we had originally planned to have upstairs, as the costs were much more than had been budgeted for.  

By the end of February phase 1 of our own mini ‘grand design’ is on pause, and work has stopped for now. The building is complete and the garage is being used, but the bedroom, ensuite and walk in wardrobe still need to be finished, as does the downstairs shower room behind the garage. Basically, we have run out of money, which is fine as we were never desperate for the living space, it was the garage that my OH was keen to have. Therefore, while we wait for the funds to be saved up again, we are busy planning on how to decorate our new bedroom. 

We have so far agreed on a a colour scheme of grey mixed with maybe a soft pink, blue or yellow. I wanted a wooden floor but I expect we will end up with carpet as that will make the floor warmer and give a more cosier feel to the room. 

It is the windows that really gives this new space its wow factor – it is the first thing visitors to it comment on as soon as they enter the room. 

While I do not want to ruin the amazing view from our windows or the light it gives to the room, we will need to choose some VELUX blinds because while the view is beautiful, I will not think so first thing in the morning as the sun rises!

So roll on autumn, when we can hopefully finish the room and move in before Christmas. 


This post was written in collaboration with VELUX. All words and images are my own and honest. 


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  • Has it really been 4 years that you’ve been living there?! That’s gone so quick.
    The extension sounds fab. Can’t wait to see what it’s like when it’s finished x

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