Top 9 Easter Facts

I love Easter eggs – big ones, small ones , mini ones and even bunny ones they are just delicious and really bring out the big kid in me. I love nothing more than munching on some mini eggs of an evening or indulging in a small chocolate Easter egg on Easter Sunday.

I also love to use Easter eggs in my recipes and if you search my blog you will find lots of baking inspiration and even some non baked treats to make which use yummy chocolates products sold at Easter time.

This fun infographic contains some egg-cellent facts about Easter eggs 

I cannot believe that Cadbury produces 1.5 million Creme Eggs every day – thats an incredible amount! If you have any spare, you could have a go at making my easy Creme egg brownies 

You can make so many tasty things using chocolate Easter eggs – why not add some to protein shakes  for extra flavour? 

How do you enjoy your chocolate Easter eggs? 

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