Project 365, 2016. Week 10

Not much to report this week – mix bag of weather and nothing exciting. happened really. A friend opened her new tea rooms so I made sure I popped in there twice to sample her cake, tea and a breakfast! 

Halfway through that term already – time is flying past and so we have started planning Jenson’s birthday party as that is the end of the month. Burton also started planning his – but his is not until July! LOL!

Anyway, last week looked a bit like this:

Sunday – running off some steam at the park 


Monday – Jenson was class helper for the day

Tuesday – a walk (or run in their case!) and my Mum popped round to see us after school

Wednesday – little trip to the park 

Thursday – I made this cake for my friend who turned 40 today (also my Mum’s birthday so double celebrations)

Friday – Jenson got his gold badge 

Saturday – a little bike ride with Jenson and Copper dog (well we walked!)

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    1. thank you. the badge is for achieving stars for various things like good behaviour, helping etc. they are incentives and starts with bronze, 50 stars, silver is 100, gold is 150, platinum 200 and the top badge is 250. x

  1. That cake looks amazing! I love Jenson’s expression, he’s obviously very proud to be class helper.
    You’re a very good friend to selflessly support your friend’s business like that! 🙂

  2. OMG that cake looks AMAZING. I so wish I lived closer to you right now. For the chat of course, and maybe a bit of cake 😉 Sorry to hear you’ve received bad news, hope you are ok. That is a very cool badge, well done Jenson xx

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