Thank #Friesday it’s Friday! Kids Take Over Tea Time with McCain Crispy French Fries

As someone who loves cooking and making homemade meals for my family, it is always nice when it comes to Friday night because that is the time that I (almost) have a night off from having to devise a meal, because I let my children choose what they want to eat and I encourage them to help me prepare it too. I do not mind if they favour burgers, hot dogs, pizza or fish fingers with fries over one of my homemade cottage pies or pasta dishes, packed full with hidden veggies, because it is good for them, and me, to have a night off and enjoy eating exactly what they want rather than what I want them to eat! A much more relaxed approach to eating with the family after as long week at school and work, before an evening of relaxing in front of a film together.


McCain have launched a new initiative called #Friesday to encourage parents to take a night off from cooking the normal family meals and to let the kids choose what the family will eat for tea that night instead. As someone who does all the cooking in my house for my family, it is refreshing to not have to think about what to prepare for tea one night each week, and let someone else have that decision instead. Therefore, I am all for making our Fridays become Fries-day because I welcome any opportunity to pass the tea time making baton!


By making every Friday become Fries-day it is a chance to take things easy and put our ovens and our kids to work on our behalf, and cook some Crispy French Fries for the family.


My boys are always happy to help me in the kitchen, and Jenson in particular was delighted to lay the table and took his time laying everything out and making it all neat and tidy!


Being Fries-day, the boys told me that morning over breakfast that they fancied fishcakes for tea so I made some simple salmon ones (literally frozen mash, 2 salmon fillets, mayo, pepper, lemon zest, dill and breadcrumbs), which we served alongside some McCain Crispy French Fries, peas, carrots and some bread and butter. An easy and tasty tea for Fries-day, the end of the working and school week and the official start to the weekend. 


Jenson helped to dish up the Crispy French Fries, with my supervision of course, and then we all sat down to enjoy some family catch up time to discuss our day and enjoy our Fries-day tea together.



Another great thing about Fries-day is that there is minimum washing up too, especially if you get your children to do it for you!


So why not start your own Fries-day tradition with McCain Crispy French fries, and let your tea time be taken over by your children too. Apparently next Fries-day it is hot dog and fries with apple slices and grapes!

This post was written in collaboration with McCain Crispy French Fries which are available from all major supermarkets, RRP 1.4kg for £2.80



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