Quirky UK Breaks

Great Britain is a very diverse place, so why should its residents settle for boring and ordinary when it comes to a glorious UK holiday?

Let’s be honest, once you’ve seen one bog standard B&B with a lumpy mattress and a fry up, you’ve seen them all. Try something looking for somewhere unique when planning your next trip away!

Live out your Lord of the Rings fantasy at the Hobbit Hideaway! Just 15 minutes from the beautiful Cardigan Bay, this hidden gem is situated in 65 acres of organic meadows. The open-plan property comes with an enclosed garden and stunning views of the surrounding valley. However, don’t let the peaceful location of Hobbit Hideaway fool you, nearby you can find some lively restaurants, bars and shops.


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How about sleeping nestled in a tree canopy above a safari park? Aspinall’s tree house hotel is perfectly designed for a nature lover and, although you may be boarded in by leaves, the interior of this wooden dream is nothing less than luxury modern. With private balconies and a 50” flat screen TV, this is the perfect private retreat. Plus, you can experience areas of the reserve before official opening hours!


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London is full of hustle and bustle, so it’s no surprise that there are thousands of places to stay in the capital. However, none of these hotels, B&Bs or anything else you can imagine are quite as unusual as the one-bedroom ‘boat’. This extraordinary hotel perches on the edge of the Queen Elizabeth Hall with views of Big Ben and St Paul’s. With all the comforts you’d expect from a hotel, we say “anchors away” to this iconic stay!


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Are you looking for an extremely remote break? We think we may have just the ticket, The House in the Sea is located in Newquay and it takes a suspension footbridge to get there. With this stay pretty much being on its own private island it makes the perfect romantic getaway, or just a great place to go when you want to avoid people.

We’ve all heard of the ipod, but what about the Eye Pod? This spherical building in North Wales may seem small from the outside, but we assure you you’ll be surprised by the spaciousness! On your award-winning campsite, you can discover a dome roof perfect for stargazing from the comfort of your very large bed, not to mention that you’re minutes away from some of the best beaches in the UK.


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Feel like living life on the wild side? The ‘MalmaisonOxford’ sports contemporary furnishings, a trendy cocktail bar and a popular brasserie where prisons cells used to be. The thick walls and original iron-dooredcells of the A-wing certainly provide privacy when staying at this quirky hotel. It’s definitely a stay for the thrill seekers, be ready for surprises about the building’s devious past.

Do you love or loathe the ordinary hotel? Let me know about the most exciting place you’ve stayed at, and don’t hold back on the details!

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