Swimming Shorts for Kids this Summer


The spring like weather that we have been experiencing recently, in between the wet and colder days!, has got me thinking ahead to those hazy summer days, and I have been day dreaming about trips to the beach with the boys and friends. It is funny how just a little bit of warm sunshine on your face can conjure up a little excitement about the months ahead.

Mind you this year we might actually be heading abroad for a holiday, something that we have not done with the boys before, and to be honest the OH and I have only ever shared 3 days outside of this country in our 10 years of being together! This little glimmer of foreign sun has got me thinking about what clothes we would need to pack for us all, and I have been busy browsing the internet for some clothing inspiration.

Taking the boys abroad does worry me in terms of the sun and the heat, because they are not use to it as even on the sunniest of days here in the UK in the summer, it is not the same as the temperatures abroad. Plus, if it is really hot here, I ensure that they are indoors during the hottest part of the day. Therefore, as well as making sure they are well protected with a high factor sunscreen and to make them wear sun hats at all times, I have been looking at kids swimming shorts because I want to invest in some that will offer protection from the sun as much as I can.

I have seen these swimming outfits and I think they will do the job perfectly, because the material contains UPF 50+ which offers brilliant protection from the sun, the highest possible actually, blocking out more than 97.5% of the sun`s harmful rays. This will give me some reassurance that I am doing the best I can to protect Burton and Jenson from the heat and the dangers that the strong suns rays can do to their delicate skin. 

I think this two piece is perfect for Burton because as well as being worn together, they can also both be worn separately with other shorts or tops. 



I know, from experience, that it is always a good idea to get the boys similar designs and colours otherwise they squabble over who gets what! Therefore, this swimming onesie would be idea for Jenson as it co-ordinates nicely with Burton’s swimsuit, and yet is a different enough to give them both some individuality. 



I think this sunhat would be great for both boys too because it is made from the same material, and being water proof means their heads are protected while they splash away in the sea or the pool. The fabric of the hat and the swimming shorts and tops are made from high quality Matt Nylon LYCRA® XTRA LIFE , which is ultra chlorine resistant, breathable and quick drying – perfect for when you need to get in and out of the water all day as I am sure the boys will be doing a lot of on holiday. I also  love that it has material at the back to cover up their necks. 



While these swimming outfits and hats are not that cheap, I think they are worth every pound because what price can you put on protecting your children from sunstroke, sunburn, heat exhaustion or skin cancer? Plus, with so much of their bodies covered up, you will save money on sun lotion which is a bonus. Also, it means less areas will be covered in sand, because there is nothing worse than applying sun lotion to skin and then sand gets all over it and end up with a pair of sand covered monsters!!!

I have written this post in collaboration with House of Fraser.

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