Clothes I Would Buy For My OH


My OH hates shopping for clothes and in the 10 years that we have been together, I could probably count on my hands how many times he has been to the shops to buy himself new items of clothing or footwear. It must be more than that, but it is so rare that it is usually me who ends up buying him things, or he is given clothes as gifts from his Mum.

Every now and then he has a little splurge because he needs more shirts for work, or maybe a new suit or some new tee shirts, or he really has to buy a new pair of jeans because his currant pair are full of holes, or all frayed at the bottom! I just cannot understand it myself, his lack of joy at shopping for new items of clothing, because I love clothes shopping and treating myself and the boys to new things to wear.

As a rule, my OH wears a formal shirt, tie and trousers to work each day and relaxes in jeans and a tee shirt, with a knitted jumper or hoodie if he is cold. If he is going out, then he will wear a casual shirt with jeans and this is about his wardrobe and dress code really. I like it when he wears a shirt and jeans or a shirt and jumper, but I am not a fan of the tee shirts he wears as they have had a lot of wear and get stretched and shapeless and therefore do not flatter him.

I think he suits slightly fitted tops as this makes him look slimmer. He also looks better if his top has a collar, which is why he looks very dashing in a shirt, be it formal or casual and he suits polo shirts too which is the perfect mix of a tee shirt with a smart look. Blue looks great on him due to his eye colour, so this top would look really nice on him I think, especially with the panels which would have a slimming effect.


Teamed up with some dark blue jeans


and this slim fit jacket

This is a look which I think would really suit him. I wonder if he would agree?

Do you buy the clothes that your OH wears, or is he a savvy shopper?

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  1. My OH is much the same. Uninterested in clothes shopping! Jeans and t-shirt with a jumper/hoodie is his unofficial uniform when not at work. The superdry jacket is nice! And I love dark denim.

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