My Christmas Pudding Tradition


Even though Christmas is now (sadly!) over, I thought I would  share some photos I took at the end of November when the boys and I made Christmas puddings. Yes plural, as we make one for us to eat and one for my Mum to have to share with her visitors over Christmas.

This is one of the Christmas traditions which we do, that I really enjoy because Burton and Jenson love to help me make them, giving them a valuable life skill and encouraging them to cook. I also love this tradition because it is about making something which we will share with our family – giving them something that has really been made with love. 

christmas pudding loaf2

Making my own Christmas pudding is something I have only been doing since I was pregnant with Burton, so seven years now, and it has now become an annual tradition which I enjoy and very much look forward to each November (sometimes December!). For the first there years, I made the puddings by myself, but since Burton was two I have  had a little helper, and for the last three years I have had two pudding making assistants.


Both boys love baking, but they especially love being allowed to make the puddings and now as they are older, they pretty much do it all themselves, from weighing out the ingredients to creaming the butter and sugar and mixing the pudding batter. Infact, it will not be long until they will no longer need my help!



Their favourite part of the Christmas Pudding making process is adding the wrapped £1 coins to the uncooked Christmas puddings, and stirring the batter while making a wish.



I really hope that my boys will continue with this Christmas tradition as they get older and I would be thrilled if they passed it on to their own children one day, knowing that a recipe I taught them was being shown to their children to enjoy and to keep this little family tradition going.


My little festive food tradition is featured over on the Harveys Furniture website blog. What is your festive food tradition each year?

If you like the look of my Christmas pudding, you can see the full recipe here


This post was written in collaboration with Harveys Furniture

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