Project 365 2015, Week 41


This week has flown past, as have the weeks since the new school term started,  and I find it hard to think that in 2 weeks time the boys will be on half term! Crazy isn’t it?

Jenson seems to have had a better week at school, with no crying this week which has been better. There is quite a bit of homework now between the pair of them which I am not liking!! Anyway, here is our week in photos:

Sunday – a trip to Okehampton CastleIMG_0656-2

Monday – a trip to the park after school

Tuesday – colouring in Darth Vada r before school

Wednesday – good morning Jenson! 

Thursday – love the colours of autumn

Friday – this Darth Vadar mask featured in Jenson’s show and tell this afternoon

Saturday – swinging in the tree


  1. Glad Jenson is liking school a bit more. Z has started a bit of a wobble and doesn’t want to go anymore. I think he’s realised its every day now. I can’t wait for the half term I think! 🙂

  2. Will be a relief we are going to school without tears now, makes for a more pleasant morning for everybody, and love his sunny smile. I am in agreement with homework, should be no need for it.
    Loving the autumnal colours as well. His face is a picture in the park shot.

  3. I really don’t think reception class children should have homework, especially in the first term. They have enough to cope with just being in school.
    Love his smiley face.

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