#GBBO Bloggers 2015 Round Up Week 4 : Desserts

GBBO 2015 star baker week 4

So it is week 4 of the Great Bloggers Bake Off 2015 round up, and yet again I am blown away by all of the amazing desserts that were made. So many scrumptious creme brûlées, windtortes and cheesecakes were linked up and it has been hard deciding who will be this weeks Star bakers!! I think I have gained about a stone in virtual screen licking ha ha!

Thank you to Michelle for hosting this week.

So without any further ado here are my favourite bakes from dessert week – and having to choose from the 32 fabulous recipes!

Creme Brûlées
So 5 of you attempted the signature bake, and I have to say they all looked really good – better , in fact, than the majority shown in last weeks GBBO episode. However there can only be one creme brûlée Star baker and I am going with  the one I would most like to try, and that is a Baileys Creme Brûlée mmmmm! Hats off to Shimelle because her first batch went horribly wrong – but luckily her second attempt worked 🙂


Spanische Windtorte
So two of you very bravely attempted this in its full glory, and two others did post their own version of this meringue dessert. I really think this pudding would make a wonderful celebration bake, and asides from the fiddly decoration , I don’t think it technically as difficult as some of the bakes featured in this round on the GBBO show to date.
Anyway, my Star Baker for this category is going to be Hannah because not only did she attempt a Spanische Windtorte BUT she made hers gluten and dairy free! Well done lovely 🙂

hannah windtorte

Baked Cheesecake
Well, this was the category that had the most entries and you all had me drooling ! There were so many amazing flavours – pina colada, salted caramel, mars bar, 3 flowers and a speculoos were to name a few.  OH and one made using sweet potato which I thought was very clever. However, this was a baked cheesecake really, and as much as I will admit that I favour non baked personally myself, I ought to give more credit to the bloggers who did enter baked cheesecake recipes. 

So for a while I actually thought that Hazel’s Creme Brûlée Baked Cheesecake was a contender for Star Baker – I mean it fitted the criteria and it combined 2 of the dessert categories. BUT then some trio of cheesecake recipes were linked up, and I have to say I was taken a back that people actually made 3 cheesecakes! As much as these triple gluten free scummy cheesecakes look and sound amazing, they aren’t baked  (sorry!) so that just leaves 2 contenders for Star Baker.

I think I am going to award 2 Star Bakers – one  is going to be awarded to Andrea who actually succeeded in making a tier of cheesecakes – including a savoury one which sounded delicious! Yes I know the top layer is a non bake cheesecake, and up until a few moments ago I was going to use this as a reason to make her a runner up , BUT having re-read her recipes again, and seeing how much work went into her tier I cannot do that to her. So well done lovely 🙂

So this means that the other Star Baker for the showstopper round is Alyssia-Rose for her Trio of Baked Cheesecakes  . Such a lot of work went into these and 5 hours to spend making a bake for this linky is a lot of dedication! Very well done to her too 🙂 


Seriously though, an amazing amount of work by all who entered this week – I am so impressed by your dedication to baking 🙂 xx

Winners please contact me if you would like a Star Baker badge to display.

If you would like to enter the #GBBOBloggers2015 bake off, the rules are here and the new linky will be live Thursday morning at 9am. Week 5  is FREE FROM week and the lovely Kirsty  will be guest hosting.  You can also check back here to my blog after the show finishes on Wednesday, to see my new recipe 🙂

All the recipes from this and the last 2 years can be found on the pinterest board

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Happy baking x

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  1. Oh you have definitely made me smile – I would never guess from the huge mess that I’d end up anywhere near a star baker! Thank you so much!

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