Funky Monkey Glasses


See this photo? See this boy wearing some homemade funky monkey sunglasses? *This* was the sight which greeted me at just after 7am yesterday morning as I woke up!! Funny boy.

The glasses which he is proudly showing off were designed by him and of course, being such a huuuuge monkey fan, they had to feature one as part of the design!! Both my boys love being creative and fancy themselves as mini Mister Makers, even though half the time I have no idea what they have made because their interpretations are a little ermmmm ‘abstract’ shall we say! However, Jenson has really started to develop with his drawings and often draws lovely little pictures now of cats, monkeys (of course!) and his family. 


So armed with some wooden glasses, some felt tip pens, some glittler glue pens , scissors and some animal pictures I let Jenson decorate his sunglasses while Burton was at school last Friday.



Jenson had great fun designing his funky monkey sunglasses


and I think he did a good job 🙂


I was sent a box of goodies from Vita Coco Kids to inspire and refresh Jenson while he designed his sunglasses. Vita Coco Kids drinks are low in sugar, about 46% less than leading childrens drinks, and contain no added preservatives or colourings. Made from coconut water and available in 2 flavours these drinks are perfect to rehydrate your kids after a hard days play!


Jenson likes the apple and blackcurrant because….. yes, you have guessed it it has a monkey on the carton!!!


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