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As a Mum I want to offer my children fresh, healthy food choices and even if at the moment this is not appreciated as much as I would like, for they are fussy boys, I know that the majority of the food I feed them is good for them (even if I have to disguise most of the vegetables!).

As much as possible every meal I cook is made from scratch as I enjoy home cooking, but I also like to take shortcuts wherever possible, and this means that I do incorporate frozen ingredients into my cooking. I am not ashamed to admit that I regularly use frozen mash potato to top a cottage pie with, I serve frozen swede and carrot mash alongside my Sunday roast because for one thing it saves peeling and chopping, but also because I find that fresh cooked swede does not always taste nice. I keep a bag of value mixed vegetables in my freezer to make a quick soup with, and I always have some frozen yorkshire puddings on stand by, aswell as frozen berries to make my slimming world porridge with.

As well as being very convenient to have things on stand by in the freezer to assist my cooking, I also love the fact that many frozen vegetables and meats actually contain as much goodness as their fresh counterparts! On top of which, there is less wastage because I only need to take out of the freezer what I need as and when and there is no sell by date to be concerned with. 

I do think that there is a lotof snobbery when it comes to frozen food v’s fresh food. I am not talking about ready made meals bought from the freezer, as I make my own meals to freeze in mine, but a lot of people may dismiss frozen veg and meat etc. because they think the quality is substandard. This is why Dr. Oetker Ristorante has recently launched a ‘Freshness Frozen’ campaign to highlight that frozen food is often misjudged and maybe even looked down upon, even though it can be fresher than than fresh food inside your fridge, and contains the same nutrients too. 

I asked some fellow blogger Mum’s why they enjoy using frozen foods:

I put frozen spinach in everything! Fabulous hidden veg

I now constantly use frozen chopped onion and frozen pepper slices

Frozen herbs are absolutely brilliant, they last longer than fresh and taste SO much nicer than the dried ones. Also, frozen berries make amazing smoothies and fake sorbets.

I’ve only recently discovered the joys of frozen vegetables and I’m loving being able to make a lasagne in minutes with grilled mediterranean veg and also ready sliced peppers for fajihitas, It makes life so easy

I always have frozen veg (peas, corn, mushrooms, peppers, onions, green beans) in as it’s convenient & means I can still eat healthy meals at the end of the week when most of the fresh stuff has been eaten’s also convenient for making quick meals. I also buy frozen cooked chicken strips & berries and pastry.

I only buy frozen peas and sweetcorn regularly and green beans and spinach when they’re not in season.I freeze my owns herbs and have leftover gravy in ice cube trays

I use frozen mince meat as it’s leaner and I can cook it from frozen in small handfulls as and when I need it – much easier when I don’t know how many people will be eating each night

I love frozen fruit for smoothies – whack them in my vitamix with some ice cubes and hey presto a great snack or breakfast smoothie.

Def believe that frozen food have lots of vitamins. I always have peas for a last
minute pea risotto and frozen rasberries/ blueberries for daily porridge, banana smoothies and last minute muffins handy. The freezer is my saviour when I don’t have time for food shopping

Frozen veg such as peas and sweetcorn are ideal for making quick egg fried rice

I definitely believe frozen veg locks in vitamins – it’s also cheaper to buy, easier to prepare and much more convenient. I also freeze things that I buy reduced like chillies so I always have a supply.

Do you rely on a lot of frozen food for your family cooking? 


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