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As much as I enjoy being a carnivore, I  eat meat free dishes several times each week. This is great for me Monday-Friday as my OH (who is more resistant to meat free meals), works away and therefore I do not get any complaints about the lack of meat on the plate, and I can enjoy my veggie dishes all to myself!

Of course making Mondays (or indeed everyday if you are a vegetarian) meatless is not a new concept, but it is one which OVOEnergy is setting into place in its in-house cafeteria and, as of March 2nd, it will only sell meatless dishes every Monday. You see by cutting back on your meat even for one day really can make a huuuge difference to the environment.  This is because meat production is responsible for approximately18% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and some experts estimate it could even be as much as 51% !! That is more than all of the world’s transport emissions combined, which is just staggering isn’t it?

The following infographic helps to explain this evidence more clearly, and to show how giving up meat even for one day a week, really does make such a big impact on our environment


For my #MeatlessMonday, I will be tucking into a delicious Butternut Squash and Black Bean Dopiaza, a recipe I have never heard of before or indeed tried. I was sent the ingredients to make this dish last week, and you can find it here if you fancy having a go yourself.



I appreciate my finished plate does not look amazing (my fault for cooking it before the school run, and then reheating for dinner later that day), but please believe my when I tell you that it tasted delicious! I served mine with rice and extra vegetables as I am following a  Slimming World eating plan, but of course you can serve yours with poppadoms or naan bread, if you are that way inclined.

Not only is this #MeatlessMonday meal helping to create a smaller carbon footprint, but being meat free it is cheaper to make as well. It is something I will be making again on a regular basis, and I *might* even make it one weekend when the OH is home to see if he enjoys it and does not miss meat, for one meal at least!

You can find more details on the OVO Energy website including more recipes to inspre you to make #MeatlessMondays happen in your home too.

Would this information make you switch to #MeatlessMondays ?

I was sent the ingredients with which to make this dish

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