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When I was a young girl I always wanted a wendy house for my garden. Now for some of you young’uns out there reading this, you will be wondering what one of those even is. Well it is not a house made by Wendy, but a play house and that was the name back in the day, when I was small. Probably a little sexist thinking back, because they were clealy aimed at girls hence the name Wendy I suspect. Anyway,  I never had one and instead my brother and I would make dens in the garden instead which was good fun of course. However, a girl from my school had one in her garden, and I used to love being invited to her house to play, so I could play inside her wendy house – but, of course, no boys (ie. pesky little brothers!) were allowed inside.

Nowadays there is a whole range of different play house for children to have in their garden, or inside their house as most are suitable for indoors and outdoors. My two boys have had quite an assortment of play tents in their young lives to date: Toy Story, a Knights Castle, a Fire Engine and more recently a wigwam. Sadly over time with two over exuberant boys playing inside them we have had to have replacments which is why there have been so many in 5 years!! Still, they have always proved very popular with Burton and Jenson, and they look so cute when I look back at old photos of them playing inside them.



The great thing about playtents is it enables the boys to use their imaginations and use role play to entertain themselves. It is even better when the weather is warmer and dry, because I put the playtent outside in the garden and they play away to their hearts content. As long as I take them down a snack and a drink they will stay out most of the day! Mind you the amount of cuddly toys and books they take to sit in the tent with them, I am surprised there is room for the two boys aswell! I appreciate that children can make a den out of blankets and cushions if playing inside, or sticks and leaves if in their gardens, just lilke my brother an I did as kids. However, play tents are such good value, and come in so many different shapes, sizes and themes that they really do make a great present and a much loved toy. 

Do you have a playtent for your children? If so, which type do they love to amuse themselves in?

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