Virgin Media introduces Ed the Sofa Bear

We all enjoy watching the box every now and again, especially when the weather is a little on the dismal side. Thankfully, television today has something for everyone, which means it’s easier than ever before to entertain the kid’s when it’s cold outside. So, whether it’s the latest animation or a popular documentary, watching TV and hibernating on the sofa is guaranteed to make even the dullest of days that little bit more exciting.

Movie bundles

Most providers today, including Virgin Media, offer an abundance of movie bundles – meaning you can pick a package perfectly suited to the needs of the entire family. Their recent videos, featuring Ed the Sofa Bear and Ally the Night Owl illustrate this down to a T. Ed is more than happy to tell you exactly what he thinks about zombies, you can even watch a behind the scenes clip of him in his favourite habitat – on the sofa!

When it’s cold outside

January is a funny month. With the excitement of Christmas and New Year over, it’s often a little on the quiet side. It’s also the time of year when everyone is trying to save a few pennies, especially after the Christmas splurge. This often means hibernating indoors. Watching a good movie or an interesting documentary is a popular pastime for many – especially for those on a budget. Just like us, Ed the Sofa Bear is big on hibernating this month – in fact, he makes watching movies look like an art! You can watch him in his element at; he’ll even tell you exactly what he thinks of Richard and Judy!


Save it for a rainy day

Instead of spending mountains of money at the cinema; why not treat the kid’s to an at home blockbuster experience? You’ll find a huge number of movie titles at Virgin Media, as well as all the latest box set content. In fact, with so many titles to choose from, you may need to purchase several family-sized bags of popcorn. If you want to give the kid’s an extra special treat, let them make their own ice cream creations during the adverts by adding a variety of toppings to their favourite dessert. From cool cartoons to X Factor, you’ll soon be hooked on the latest series, either that, or you’ll have the entire family singing along to the latest wannabe pop stars – just like Ally the Owl in the Sofa Watch: Ally v X Factor video clip.


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