The Working Mum of 2014

I remember when I was younger, my mum would collect me from school we would continue our usual routine. Change out your uniform, wash-up, do your homework and wait eagerly for my Dad to come home for dinner. That was our evening Monday to Friday. After dinner when we would all sit around to watch the television, my Dad would always be working. The briefcase would be open with loose pages everywhere. Part of me couldn’t wait to be just like him and the other part of me just wanted him to stop working so I could have his full attention.

As the years passed (all too quickly) I found myself in the working world, just like my Dad once was. Starting off in my career, I had no responsibilities other than my job. I channelled all of my energy into my role, learning everything there was to know about the industry, slowly gaining confidence to share my ideas, get noticed for my skills. It paid off – I joined Senior Management after four years with my second corporate company.

My 30th Birthday came, and so did my wedding and before I knew it I was at my baby shower. Life took a change – a great change but a big one! I loved my job, I thrived on the deadlines, the stress and the decisions. I remembered back to when I was just a little girl – and I remembered how I longed for my Dad when he worked. I didn’t want to do that to my child, but I didn’t want to abandon my career I had worked so hard for.

I had colleagues who left their children in childcare centres and playschools. They worked long hours in the office, commuting 3 hours per day, and they looked unhappy and exhausted. I didn’t want that. I knew that if I was going to go back to work I wouldn’t be home 9-5, but I didn’t want that to result in her spending her days away from her home too.

I confided in a friend who was also a mother about my dilemma. She suggested childcare assistance, but home-help rather than a centre. She helped me research credited agencies in London that could help me.

I was familiar with the Quintessentially Group through my work, a well established a trusted global brand. As a result when I discovered their sister business Quintessentially People, specialised in childcare recruitment I arranged a consultation.

They had a database of potential candidates that they matched to my specific childcare requirements and set up some interviews for me. It was a quick and painless process that resulted in me finding a wonderful nanny Ella, who
seamlessly blended into my family. While I was still at home I had Ella start so I was sure that my daughter would be comfortable with her.

I will admit that my first day leaving my daughter to brave the hectic commute back to work was tough, but knowing that she was going to be in her own home in the capable hands of Ella helped ease my agitated state.

When I think back to my worries about parenting versus career, I wonder why I was so stressed now. I can balance my professional and personal life much easier with the help of my nanny Ella. I leave my work at the office and when I come home, I can concentrate on my family time. Me and my husband can enjoy our time with our daughter, and know that Ella is always on-hand to step in to help or give me and my husband some time together.

It’s 2014 – it’s time we all realised that we can indeed do both, being a working mum with the right resources is wonderful. Trust me!


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