Helping Hand From Money Supermarket

Since I became a Mummy, as I am sure is the case with those of you who are also Mums reading this, I put my own needs last now and make sure that everyone elses comes first. This means that I no longer visit the hairdressers to get my hair cut, as we have a mobile hairdresser, I now colour my own hair and I rarely manager to treat myself to new, and better fitting, underwear! Yes that probably was TMI, and yet very true and hopefully not just in my case!!! It is all about priorities these days, and I am usually bottom of the list!!

Even lower down the list than me, is buying new things for my kitchen. I have been using the same saucepan set for about 10 years now, which is possibly not *that* long but they were hand me downs, and therefore are probably more likely 15 plus years old. The inside bottoms have been looking worn for a few years now, and one of the lid handles is missing yet I have continued to use them. I have often looked at sets in the sales, but have never had the spare money to replace them. Afterall, they still do their job so I have let them carry on.

Well, imagine my delight when this wonderful surprise arrived at my house last week

jamiepansSome brand spanking new saucepans Рand Jamie Oliver Tefal ones no less!!! (I do love Jamie O!), together with one of his cookbooks to allow me to really test out my new pans. jamiepansoutboxjamiefryingpan

My parcel was sent to me on behalf of MoneySupermarket who wanted to ‘balance transfer my life’, in some small and useful way. ¬†Similar to when credit card companies offer to balance transfer your current credit card balance, to make life easier as it means no fees for a short time. Money Supermarket’s aim was to help me out with one of those niggling things that I have been meaning to do for ages but never got aorund to, either due to time or money or both! Well, treating myself to a new set of saucepans is brilliant because I use pans a lot in my cooking, and I for one cannot wait to really put these pans through their paces on Christmas Day! They make me smile everytime i see them in my kitchen cupboard!

What would you ask Money Supermarket in to do in order to blance transfer a part of your life?

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