Project 365 #30 (20th-26th July, 2014)

So this week has seen sweltering temperatures hasn’t it just been scorchio! and, dare I say it, a bit tooo hot at times for me. This week has also seen the end of Burton’s first year of school on Wednesday which actually left me feeling a little emotional just because of how fast the last 10 1/2 months have passed! And so the start of the summer holidays is upon us, and here is to 6 weeks of fun and enjoying being the three of us with no school runs and no homework (well, there is homework but we will forget about that until the final week!)!!! I have made a bucket and spade wish list for the holidays, so we have plenty of things to do to keep us busy.

Here is our week in photos:

Chalk Drawings at Granma’s
It did not take them long to draw on all of the paving slabs!

New Pjs
I was sent some lovely pajamas to review and the boys enjoyed modelling them.

Writing A Thank You Card For His Teacher
Burton wrote a lovely long card to his teacher – he will miss her next year.

School’s Out For Summer!
As soon as we got home from school, the boys stripped down to their pants and had a water fight!

Story Time With Nanny
My nanny is house sitting for my Mum who is on holiday, so I took the boys to visit her today which she loved.

Cooling Off
Great way to cool down with the sprinkler in the garden

Discovering Lego
Burton recieved a lot of Lego for his birthday, mainly from his very generous school friends, and today he made several of the vehicles, with Daddy guiding him but he put them all together himself.

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  1. They look so cute in their pjs! What fabulous posing. I love the photo of them in their pants having a water fight. It could easily be Charles and Harry…funny how they are so similar. Hopefully they can all meet next year!
    The photo of them with your nanny is adorable.

  2. Aww I remember when my eldest finished her first year of school.. So emotional… Now she’s going to be on year 4!

    Cute pyjamas! Nothing beats cooling down with a sprinkler…
    Must admit have been finding it a bit too hot too at times!

    Lovely photo with nanny x

  3. Lego is the best toy. Ever! It has been so hot and thank goodness for paddling pools and hose pipes! I freak out at how fast time goes once they are in school so am trying to make the most of this summer – will stay have days I want to be on my own though 😉 Love the pjs 🙂

  4. I hate to say it, but it really has been a little bit too hot! Good to see the boys know how to keep themselves cool though with water fights and the sprinkler! Good work on the Lego!

  5. loving the water fight in their pants! lol .. its so something we would do here lol .. although if i joined in the neighbours would not be impressed! .. we love chalk drawing too xx

  6. It has been a hot week here too and must admit my girls can’t wait to strip off when they get home. Loving all the water play, can’t believe Burton had finished his first year at school and that one with your Nanny is just GORGEOUS 🙂 xx

  7. The weather has been fabulous hasn’t it?! Don’t want it to end just yet as we have camping to be done (endured!) I love Burton’s note for his teacher and the water fight ones and the one with your Nanny is a really lovely pic.

  8. yes its been too hot here as well! We were soaking Bob last night with the hose while I was watering the plants. How nice for you nanny to see the boys and she seems to be enjoying story time. Well done on building the lego Burton

  9. Certainly has been hot..Laughed at the shot of the boys in pants and super soakers!
    We used to have stacks of lego when I was growing up.. just blocks and the occasional window or door, not like the kits you get today. 🙂

  10. How adorable are the photos of the boys in their pj’s and having a water fight – just adorable. Lovely photo with granny and it’s nice they’ve decorated her patio for her. I do love seeing all the outdoor photos. We’ve had some outside days too but POD isn’t at school until next year so no summer holidays for us. Hope you’ve had another great week 🙂

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